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Do you want to play Bonoloto and win a jackpot? It is a famous European lottery game that exists since 1988. In addition, the biggest jackpot ever won by a single person is €7,000,000. This lottery game is similar to La Primitiva. The draws are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday around 19:00 […]

Lottery results

Do you want to know the latest lottery results? It all depends on which lottery game you choose. Therefore it is important to keep track of the latest information on that lottery and hope that your numbers will be drawn. For instance, there are Eurojackpot, La Primitiva, the UK Lottery, and other lotto games. Eurojackpot […]

Jackpot winning tips

jackpot winning tips

What are the best jackpot winning tips? It may be hard to believe you wouldn’t know how to spend money. Surprisingly, many winners agreed that they didn’t know what to do. At first, they are shocked. That’s why it’s good to know what to do with jackpot and how to invest it smartly. Winning tips […]

Lotto success stories

lotto success stories

Lotto success stories Some of the greatest life stories came from ordinary people whose lives have changed overnight. Read lotto success stories, and who knows maybe you will also experience a big change. It is obvious that success on the lotto depends mostly on the happiness and whether you have chosen the right tactic. Consider […]

La Primitiva lotto

la primitiva lotto

History of this lottery game goes far back in time. La Primitiva lotto was created by royal initiative with the purpose of raising funds for the treasury. The lottery began in the 18th century. After that it started growing for more than 100 years and it returned in 1985 when was reinstated by ONLAE (Organismo […]