Differences between OZ lotto and Gold lotto

As a matter of fact, both these lotteries are owned by Tatts Group. So we can say that they are part of Tatts lotto.

However, the Gold lotto is the Australian lottery game the same as OZ lotto. In fact, Gold lotto exists since 1979. and here is one of the first differences.

Basically, the OZ lotto has his first shown in 1994, as the first fully national lottery game.

But ordinary OZ lotteries are similar to the Gold lotto. In fact, at first for both of these games, you need to guess six numbers. But now for others one, you need to guess seven numbers.

For example in the Gold lotto results Saturday 29.06.19. you can see how many and which one numbers are drawn.

But still, oz lotto jackpot is one of the biggest in Australia. In fact, that jackpot is from 2012 and it was in the amount of $111,972,151.04 and this prize was shared between four players.

But, here you can find even lower prizes like in OZ lotto draw 1277 (07/08/2018) where the jackpot was $33 million.

How to play OZ lotto

However, this lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in Australia. In fact, here you can find a huge jackpot.

And same as in Gold lotto, we can find in this lottery a lot of jackpot winners. For sure it will be excellent to win a jackpot but there is no ideal way how to guess the winning numbers.

However, there is a situation where no one wins a jackpot the same as in OZ lotto draw 1276 (31/07/2018) or some situation where you can find some lower jackpot like in OZ lotto draw 1222 (18/07/2017).

In any case, if you play this lottery you need to know that you need to guess seven numbers. But with that, you need to pick even two supplementary numbers.

As a matter of fact, the jackpot is division 1 prize and here you need to guess all seven winning numbers.

However, here you can find seven divisions. The last one is Division 7 and here you will find the lowest prize.

In another case, the odds for winning a jackpot are 1 in 45,379,620, and in another case, odds for winning Division 7 are 1 in 87.

For example, if you want to win the lowest prize you need to guess three numbers and one or two supplementary numbers.

And yes, for sure one of the most important things to say is that the minimum jackpot is in the amount of $2 million and there is no maximum jackpot.

But in any case, you need to check your results so you can see how much you win. Basically, like oz lotto draw 1246 (02/01/2018) where players look how much they win.

How to play Gold Lotto

As a matter of fact, the Gold lotto is part of Tatts Group and like that is part of Tatts lotto.

In any case, if you want to play a Gold lotto you need to know that you need to pick six numbers and with that you two supplementary numbers.

However, these numbers need to be picked for the first pool from one to 45. And these supplementary numbers are used in other division prizes. Because if you want to win a jackpot here you need to guess six numbers.

As a matter of fact, there is a couple of ways how can you pick your numbers. And every time you don’t know which numbers will you pick you can decide to go on Quick Pick.

In this situation, you will get your numbers which will be chosen randomly.

For example, numbers that are drawn at gold lotto results Saturday 29.04.19. you could get them with Quick Pick.

Still, you can even look at recent results and this can help you a lot in picking the numbers. Basically, like that, you can find which numbers are drawn most of the time.

And if you want to know odds for winning the jackpot, you can. In fact, odds for the jackpots are 1 in 8, 145, 060.

For sure this can give you an opportunity to win a jackpot. But, the situation is that you can’t win a huge amount of money here. In fact, the maximum jackpot is in the amount of AU $4 million.

Oz lotto results give us information about how to win a jackpot

However, if you decide to play this lottery, and you want to know how to pick the right lotto numbers you can look at the latest oz lotto results.

In fact, in this situation, you need to look at number frequency and OZ lotto results. And then when you decide which numbers will you pick you to need to check them.

Basically, here you can find out how many times did some number drawn. Above all, you can see if your numbers are hot and cold.

As a matter of fact, hot numbers are numbers that are drawn so many times and cold numbers are the opposite.

For every player, it is good that they pick a combination of these two numbers. Because, hot numbers have a good possibility that they will be drawn again and the cold number was not drawn soon, so there is a possibility that they will be drawn now.

In any case, if we look at OZ lotto results 25.06.2019. we can see that on that day we had the biggest jackpot in the last seven years.

The jackpot was in the amount of $80 million, and two winners got them. In fact, one winner was a mum from Ipswich who plays online, and the second one was a man from Sunshine Coast who buy a ticket in the store.

As a matter of fact, we can use a couple more draws for example. Basically, OZ lotto results 1239 (14/11/2017) show us how many winners we have here and how much they win.

How to use Gold lotto results

Same as in every lottery Gold lotto results can give you a lot of information for picking the lotto numbers.

First of all, you can use Gold lotto results to check my ticket. And like that, you can see if you are the lucky winner.

In the second place, you can use the Gold lotto results for picking your numbers. In this case, you can find a lot of information.

Basically, this can help you to decide which numbers will you put on the ticket. You can find out how many times a number is drawn and like that you can find out the possibility that this number will be drawn.

In any case, if we look at the last gold lotto results Saturday 29th June 2019, we see which numbers are drawn. Basically, on that day we had one jackpot winner who wins almost $4 million.

Play online Oz lotto and Gold lotto

As a matter of fact, you can play these lotteries in two ways. In the first place, you can buy a ticket in a classic way. In fact, you need to go to the store.

But, a better way is to play online. In fact, in that way, you don’t need to go to the store and you can play from your home.

One of the sites where you can play OZ lotteries is Lottomania. In fact, on this site prices are different for every line, and the minimum you need to pick two lines.

In any case, if you win one Lottomania some amount of money you need to know how you can get your money. In fact, for less than $2500 you will get a refund on your account, and for all other wins, you will need to contact support on Lottomania.

Differences in the draw time

However, one of the main differences between these two lotteries is in draw time. In fact. Oz Lotto draw time is every Tuesday at 8:30 AEST and 9:30 AEDT.

And in the second place we have Gold lotto draw time which is on Saturday but at the same time as OZ lotto draw time.

Which lottery bring more winners

In any case, the Gold lotto result shows us that they have more jackpot winners than another lotto. But Oz lotto winners got the bigger jackpot.

In fact, one of the biggest wins in this lottery is OZ lotto 70 million, but now this amount of money was overdrawn. And the jackpot was now $80 million which was split between two players.

In this Gold lotto results Saturday 25.06.19 winning lotto numbers were 42, 35, 29, 19, 36, 14, 25 and bonus numbers were 13, 1.


Same as in every lottery you can predict lotto numbers and like that you can find out what will be gold lotto results Saturday 06.07.19.

In this case, the situation is the same as for OZ lotto draw 1275 (24/07/2018) where the drawn number was 38,2,13,40,3,39,22 and supplementary numbers were 34 and 7.

In any case, no matter which way you choose, you need to play. Otherwise, you wouldn’t win.