Eurojackpot Deutschland winners

Eurojackpot deutchland winners

In the last couple of years, there were a lot of Eurojackpot Deutschland winners. As a matter of fact, Eurojackpot is one of the most popular European lottery games.

However, this lottery has its first shown in March 2012. In any case, the lottery can bring you a lot of money.

For example, this lottery exists for seven years and till now you can buy a ticket in 17 different countries.

In fact, some countries where you can buy a ticket are Germany, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Hungary, and more others.

In this situation, if you want to win a jackpot you need to guess five numbers in the first pool. Which is form one to 50 and two bonus numbers from a pool of ten numbers?

For example, if you guess all seven numbers then you can say that you win a jackpot. And you can buy your tickets online or in the store. The decision is on you. If you want to play Eurojackpot online or check Eurojackpot results you can on Lottomania.

Eurojackpot 2016

In any case, if we look at the Eurojackpot 2016 results, we can get a lot of information. Basically, we can find out how many winners were in this year.

And if we loot in 2016, we came to the conclusion that there were even nine jackpot winners.

As a matter of fact, even if we look at the statistic we can see that most of the jackpots went to Germany. It seems that there is the biggest accumulation of jackpot winners.

Eurojackpot 11.03.2016

As a matter of fact, if we look at Eurojackpot results from 11.03.2016. we can see if there was some winner.

But in this situation, no one wins a jackpot, but there were two players which win a prize in Division 2. In this case, they win 931.858,50 €.

In any case, maybe there was not draw a jackpot, but still, the second prize was huge enough.

Eurojackpot 18.03.2016

So, now we will look at the Eurojackpot 18.03.2016. and we will find out the results.

In this case, the lucky winner could win €62,902,741.70 but, unfortunately, there weren’t any jackpot winners.

Still, there were three winners in Division 2 and they win €726,652.30. As can be seen, this is a big prize and with that money, you can do a lot of things.

Eurojackpot 24.06 2016

If we Eurojackpot 24.06.216. compared to other dates till now, we can see little difference.

As a matter of fact, here we didn’t have a lucky winner which wins a jackpot. But still, we have had millionaire.

All in all, the prize in Division 2 was in the amount of €1,316,493.60 and only one player wins this prize.

Eurojackpot 29.07 2016

Hello, the lucky winner. As can be seen in Eurojackpot 29.07.2016. we have a jackpot winner.

As a matter of fact, the lucky winner gets €84,777,435.80 and the ticket was bayed in Germany.

In this case, the lucky number was four, eight, twenty-two, thirty-six, forty-four and bonus numbers five and ten.

For sure, the lucky winner will enjoy his prize. And probably will spend this money on something good.


For instance, Eurojackpot 30.09.2016. wasn’t bring us the jackpot, but still, there was one millionaire.

As a matter of fact, the lucky winner takes the €2,404,162.60. As a matter of fact, some of the other lotteries have their jackpots in this amount.

And here you can get this prize in Division 2.

Eurojackpot 2017

After the Eurojackpot 2016, we come to the Eurojackpot 2017. And what we can find here.

As a matter of fact, there was one huge Eurojackpot in the amount of €90,000,000 which was split between three countries.

In fact, this jackpot went to Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. However, if we look a little bit in history even 38,67% of jackpots went to Germany.

Eurojackpot 21.04.2017

Above all, here you can’t find any jackpots. In fact, Eurojackpot 21.04.2017. didn’t bring any of them.

Only lucky in this draw was four people who win €322,331.50. And if we look at other results we can see that this is not that big. But in this case, even the jackpot wasn’t that much big.

Eurojackpot 14.04.17

So, on Eurojackpot 14.04.17 it was obvious that we had a jackpot winner. In fact, Jackpot went to Finland, and this was one of the biggest jackpots in history.

But in the Division 2 prize, we had three winners and one of them was from Germany. As a matter of fact, each winner got €821,662.

Eurojackpot 19.05 17

As can be seen, just a month after one of the biggest jackpots we hit the amount of €41,292,212.38. But in this case, we didn’t get jackpot winner.

But, maybe we didn’t have a jackpot winner, but we had Division 2 winners, and again we had one winner from Germany. In fact, this winner took €516,438.40.

Eurojackpot 26.05 17

Only a couple of days, after 19.05. we come to the other draw. And in the Eurojackpot 26.05.17, we had a jackpot winner.

In any case, the lucky winner guesses all the needed numbers and took the jackpot in Germany.

But no that only the jackpot went in Germany, but the lucky winner got even prize from Division 2 and 3.

Eurojackpot 11.08.2017

One more day, one new draw. However, in the summer days, we can’t wait to see if we win a jackpot.

Above all, we all want to go on some vocation. And in this situation, you can get a lot of help from the lottery.

But, in any case, on this day we didn’t get the jackpot winner, but we get two winners in Division 2, and one of them was from Germany.

So now when he wins €2,737,236.60 he had an amazing vocation for sure.

Eurojackpot 29.12 17

In the cold winter days, which is more better than playing a lottery from your home. Just a couple of days before the New Year Eurojackpot 29.12.17 has a draw.

In this situation jackpot was 35,011,368.20, but there weren’t any jackpot winners. But in the other Divisions, we had winners. In fact, prize form Division 2 went to Germany.

Eurojackpot 2018

Day by day and we came to Eurojackpot 2018. However, this year we can find a lot of big wins.

Basically from all around Europe. But still, most winners come from Germany.

The most important thing is that in Germany you have a lot of time to claim your prize. In fact, even three years.

In fact, only one player didn’t come for the prize in this period.

Eurojackpot 26.01 18

Hello 2018, in Eurojackpot 26.01 18. No there isn’t any jackpot winner on this day.

But no matter of that, still there was another one prizes. Specifically, one prize went to Germany. In fact, one winner becomes a millionaire and he wins €1,515,220.90.


However, on the Eurojackpot 09.03.2018. one lucky German player wins a jackpot.

As a matter of fact, he wins €42.6 million jackpot. In fact, this jackpot is bought in Neukölln in the southeast part of Berlin. So this jackpot becomes one of the biggest in the capital of Germany.

In any case, that was the big night for Germany, because they get prizes in every Division. With a jackpot winner, even six winners get second divisions prizes.

31. 08. 2018.

After a couple of rollovers finally, we get Eurojackpot 31.08.2018. winner. In fact, this evening two German players went home with a jackpot.

In this case, they split the jackpot, so everyone gets €30,9 million. Which is a large amount of money?

However, Germany dominates in this draw. Basically, they got 13 winners in Division 2. And if we look that in this case there were 23 winners. That is a huge number.

Eurojackpot 2019

So far, the Eurojackpot 2019 brings us, 12 Eurojackpot millionaires. And even six of them win a jackpot.

Til now players win around €600 million. And it will be only grown. Specifically when you know that it only passes half of the year.

And if we look at all winners till now, we get to the conclusion that most winners are from Germany. In fact, it looks like we need to go to Germany if we want to win a jackpot.

08. 02. 2019.

The first huge win and the first jackpot in 2019 were on Friday 8. In this situation, the player form, Germany get €63 million.

But before that, the jackpot was roll-over for five times. And this was the highest winner since November 2018.

10. 05. 2019.

The last huge jackpot was from May this year. And it was in the amount of €90 million.

As a matter of fact, the lucky winner was from Germany and Poland.

In any case, Germany player buys his ticket in North Rhine-Westphalia.

So til now, we have three jackpot drawn this year and a lot of other prizes. And for sure there will be more of them.

In any case, if I go to Germany I will buy a ticket for sure, it looks like there I will have more luck.