Eurojackpot draw time and the EuroMillions differences

Eurojackpot draw time

Obviously, today we have two biggest lotteries in Europe. One of them is EuroMillions and the second one is EuroJackpot. Basically, those two are changing lives for years. But most important is to wait Eurojackpot draw time to see results.

As a matter of fact, people can play EuroMillions for 13 years. In fact, EuroMillions start in 2004 and Eurojackpot start in 2012.

Without a doubt, they both are amazing games. In fact, both of them give players the opportunity to win amazing prizes.

In any case, both lotteries give you some opportunity. Generally, EuroJackpot gives fewer winners but prizes are bigger. However, in EuroMillions prizes are large, but there are big odds that you will share your prize.

For instance, if you want to win a smaller amount of money, than for you it is ideal to play EuroJackpot. But on the other side if you want to win the big jackpot you need to play EuroMillions.

In the end, the decision is on you. In fact, both of these games are amazing. However, why would not play both of them? The only thing that can happen is that you win in both of them.

What is Euromillions?

Of course, EuroMillions is a transnational lottery. In fact, for winning a jackpot you need to pick seven correct numbers.

Not to mention that this lottery was launched on 7 February 2004, and the first draw was 13 February 2004 in Paris.

However, at first, only three countries participated in the UK, France, and Spain. In fact, other countries joined later. So, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland joined 8 October 2004.

As can be seen, draws are every Tuesday and Friday at 20:45 in Paris.

If we look at the past, we can see that in 2016 was happen big change. In fact, the amount of lucky stars has increased from 11 to 12.

However, all prizes are tax-free and are paid as a lump sum. As a matter of fact, only in Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal need to pay a tax.

So, to illustrate players select five main numbers. In fact, that can be numbers from 1 to 50. And in the second place, you need to pick two different Lucky Star numbers from 12 numbers.

However, tickets for EuroMillions can be buoyed from many licensed stores and online websites.

What is Eurojackpot?

Same as a Euromillions, Eurojackpot is a transnational European lottery. As a matter of fact, this lottery starts in March 2012.

However, the jackpot starts at €10.000.000. In fact, the jackpot can be rolled and like that can come to €90,000,000. If we look at these amounts of money, is obviously that they have big prizes.

Under those circumstances, you need to pick 5 numbers from one to 50 and two supplementary numbers from one to ten. However, there are 12 theirs of prizes and odds for winning are 1:95.344.200.

If we compare EuroJackpot with EuroMillions or some other we come to the conclusion that EuroJackpot is designed to pay out more frequently. Basically, for EuroJackpot is specifically that the main prize will be won early that EuroMillions main prize.

Because EuroJackpot has better odds for winning. However, in past Eurojackpot lottery has a rolldown clause. That means that if the jackpot was not drawn after 12 times the 13 one will go to the winner who picks the right combination of numbers.

In fact, that means that even with 5 picked numbers and one euro number you can win a jackpot. The same situation happens in 2013. when the German player wins the jackpot in the second prize tier.

Most important is that winning amounts are different in every country. They can vary by the number of winners, lottery tax and some other reasons.

Is it Eurojackpot similar to EuroMillions?

As a matter of fact, both of them follow a similar format. In fact, players need to pick numbers from one to 50 and two special numbers. For winning a jackpot they need to guess all drawn numbers.

However, one of the differences is that in Eurojackpot special numbers are picket from one to ten. And in EuroMillions that are between one and 12.

For instance, thicket for EuroMillions is a little bit expensive than for Eurojackpot.

Most important to say is that the draw time is on the same day. In fact, on Friday. However, between those two draws are one hour apart.

Which lottery is played by more people?

In general, Eurojackpot has twice as many participating countries. But still, Megamillion sells more tickets than Eurojackpot.

If we look at the statistics, in Eurojackpot are 18 countries, while in EuroMillions are only nine countries.

However, entries for each game depends on a lot of facts. And the most important one is how big jackpot is. Basically, for the bigger jackpot, there are more entries.

For example, when in EuroMillions the jackpot was €90 million, there were 60,675,275 entries. In the other hand, on the same day jackpot was €22,9 and there were only 16,399,256 entries.

As a matter of fact, even when the jackpot was a similar amount more players buy a ticket for EuroMillions. In fact, the difference was not that bug, but still, there were more sold tickets.

So, it seems that one important thing is that EuroMillions is an older lottery game. Basically, they have players which play from the beginning.

History of the Eurojackpot

As a matter of fact, fist Eurojackpot should start to compete with EuroMillions. But EuroMillions has a huge amount of players and large jackpots. Because of that, the idea of Eurojackpot stoped.

However, after Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, and the Netherlands see the success of Euromillions. They decide to complete the negotiations for EuroJackpot. In fact, that was in November 2011, and the lottery starts in 2012.

In the meantime, at the begging of the lottery, Estonia decides to participate. As a matter of fact, the lottery starts to sell tickets on March 17, 2012, and the first draw was on March 23, 2012.

Meanwhile, Spain joined in June of the same year. However, in 2013 joined a couple more countries. After all, Eurojackpot is available in 18 countries and the eurojackpot draw time is every Friday at 21 o’clock by local time in Helsinki.

History of the EuroMillions

As a matter of fact, if we look at history we can see that the first draw was in 2004. In fact, the first draw was in Paris. However, only three countries participated. In that case, France player won €15 million.

In fact, in 2004 more countries joined the lottery. As a matter of fact, one of them is Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, and Luxembourg.

However, the first huge jackpot was won by Dolores McNamara. In fact, she won €115,4 million.

Under those circumstances, the maximum possible prize is won in 2012. Generally, the jackpot in this situation was €190 million.

However, in 2016 comes to some changes in the lottery. In fact, the number of balls in the Lucky Star poll increase from 11 to 12. On the other hand, the price of thicket gets more expensive.

Basically, those changes are still active.

Eurojackpot draw time

Without a doubt, most important to say is that since 2015 when the last group of countries joined the lottery has 18 countries.

On the second place, it is important to say that the starting jackpot is €10,000,000. However, the main prize can be rolled over. In this case, the main prize can come to the amount of €90,000,000.

And, when is the eurojackpot draw time? In fact, eurojackpot draw time today takes place at 21:00 on the local time in Helsinki. However, the draw is every Friday.

And not to mention that you have to look in which time zone are you. Because, if you are in a different time zone, the eurojackpot time draw will start in a different time.

Also, there is one important thing to say. Why the draw is on Friday? Basically, a lot of people do not have time to watch a lottery for a week. And because of that, the ideal time is Friday. Everyone finishes their obligations and then they can enjoy in drawing eurojackpot time.

Eurojackpot draw time chances

As a matter of fact, the odds of winning in the Eurojackpot are 1:95,344,200. However, this can look like hard to win. But this lotto is made to increase the number of jackpot winners.

On the positive side, in this game, you can find a big number of winners. Basically, the jackpot doesn’t have time to roll over.

In fact, that is a good thing if you want to win a jackpot. But on the negative side, the jackpot will not be that big. But still, that is a jackpot.

As a matter of fact, with simple rules of the game, you can get big results and big wins.

And if you want to increase your odds of winning you can in a simple way. In fact, there are a couple of systems on how to increase chances to pick the right number.

Basically, a lot of sites give pieces of information about the last results. In the same way, one of the pages that give those information’s is Lottomania.

On one hand, you can gather pieces of information of the most drawn numbers. And like that try to find out which numbers are drawn more often.

On the second hand, you can try with a method 2/3 and 3/2. Basically, you choose numbers by picking 2 odds and 3 even numbers. And you can go in the opposite way.

As a matter of fact, these combinations appear in 65% of all previously draws. And in fact, only in 3% of situations, the drawn numbers were all odds or all even numbers.

To sum up, there is a lot of ways to pick the right number. And which one will you choose is all on you.

How to use Eurojackpot draw time results to increase chances for jackpot?

Basically, EuroJackpot is a weekly lotto game where numbers are chosen from two polls. However, you can increase your odds of winning.

In the first place, you need to choose five numbers from one to 50 and two bonus numbers from one to 10.

Under those circumstances, you have a couple of ways to pick a number. In the first place, it is best to mix odds and even numbers. On this occasion, try to pick 3 odd numbers and 2 even or opposite.

In the second place, you can pick a combination of low and high numbers. In that case, you pick three low numbers and two high numbers or the opposite.

However, statistics show us that the best combination of low and high numbers is three high numbers and two low numbers. As a matter of fact, in 64% winning ticket has this pattern opposite.

In the third place, you can look at eurojackpot draw time results and see numbers from the last draw. Basically, in 48% of the time number from the last draw was drawn. In fact, we can find out even which numbers are hot and cold.

However, hot numbers will help you the most with winning a jackpot.

In the fourth place, never pick numbers with some pattern. For example, if you pick only numbers that end up with zero odds for winning a jackpot will be small. Because is hard to be drawn.

Another key point, maybe the best way to pick the right numbers is to buy a couple of tickets. On the negative side, this way is expensive. But you have better odds for winning.

And in some way, you can just pick your lucky numbers. And win a jackpot.

How to use Eurojackpot draw time results to see the winners

However, if we loot at eurojackpot draw time statistics, we can see every single draw and winner from the begging of the lottery.

In fact, this year was three jackpot winners. And if we look a little more in the past, we can see that most winners were in 2017. in fact, in that year there were eleven winners.

After all, only three times was the biggest jackpot drawn. Firstly in 2015, and after that in 2016 and in 2018. in this situation, the jackpot was €90,000,000.

As a matter of fact, in that year was one biggest jackpot, but this jackpot was shared by two players. However, the first big jackpot went to the Czech Republic. On the second time when the biggest jackpot was drawn the main prize was shared by three players.

At last, in 2016 the lucky winner from Germany took the jackpot and he wins the €90,000,000.

In general, we can look at the most frequently drawn numbers. In these statistics, we see that the most drawn number was 46 which was drawn for 35 times. And if we look at Euro Numbers we can see that the most drawn number is three and this number is drawn for 55 times.

Eurojackpot draw time in Europe

As can be seen, Eurojackpot is popular in many European countries. In fact, he has a lot of fans who love to play this game.

However, the capital of Eurojackpot is in Helsinki. And Helsinki is in a different time zone than some of the countries that participate in Eurojackpot. But, still is wort to wait.

As a matter of fact, eurojackpot draw time is every Friday night. In fact at 21 o’clock. And there is a lot of prizes to win.

Who can play Eurojackpot?

At first, every player needs to be in a legal age in their country. In some countries that age is lower and in some of them it is the opposite. But still, you need to be in legal age. That is maybe the most important thing for players.

As I have said, in some countries the legal age is lower than in other. For example, in Estonia legal age is when you have 16, and for example in Denmark, Croatia you are in legal age at 18.

In the second place, players need to pay attention to the time when ticket sales stop. However, in every country that time is different. So you need to check on the official site in your country.

Why is that one of the most important things? For instance, you can pick a eurojackpot numbers. But you are late, and you don’t have time to buy a ticket for that draw. You will lose your prize.

However, even if you play lottery online you also need to pay attention to the closing time. Basically, that time is different from shop to shop.

As a matter of fact, you can play Eurojackpot from any part of the world. Only you need to decide on which way you will buy a ticket and what numbers will you pick.

Odds for the winning

On the one hand, eurojackpot draws are pulled from two pools. As a matter of fact, in the first pool, you pick numbers from one to 50. However, in the second one you pick numbers from one to ten and these numbers are called Euro numbers.

For instance, the lowest prize that you can win is by matching two numbers and one Euro number. And, on the other hand, if you want to win a jackpot you need to match five numbers and two Euro numbers.

As a matter of fact, there are 12 prize tiers and the total prize is divided between them. However, the minimum jackpot is €10 million and at the same time, the maximum jackpot can be €90 million.

As can be seen, there are 12 tiers, and fund in them is shared between everyone who picks the right numbers. In fact, if you win a prize in one tier and a lot of other people win the prize in the same tier you will share your prize with them.

However, all prizes are calculated every week in a special percentage of the total amount of that week. What does that mean? For example, if the jackpot is bigger and you are in some of the tiers you will get a bigger amount of money. And if the jackpot is smaller you will get a smaller amount of money.

On the one hand, every country has a different prize claim period. As a matter of fact, in some countries is 30 days and for example in Germany is three years. However, Norway and Sweden don’t have a prize claim period.

Useful information’s

As a matter of fact, there is a lot of useful information’s. In fact, one of the most important information is that you can play even when you are on holiday. However, you can play this lottery from any country in the world.

However, one of the things to mention is that the biggest prize that you can win is €90 million. In fact, that jackpot was drawn for the first time in 2015.

As a matter of fact, that is a limit for the jackpot, bigger than that you can win.

After all, you need to pay attention to the scams. In fact, there is a lot of scams in the field. Basically, there are email scams, phone scams or social media scams. In fact, in that situation, you receive a message that you won something.

At this time only you can do is to inform yourself on the official lottery site for everything you need to know. And most important do not sit on the messages if there is writing that you won something.

In any case, enjoy in the game, and wait for eurojackpot next draw time.