Eurojackpot draw time

Eurojackpot is a transnational European lottery game that can be traced all the way back to 2012. Consequently, the fans can not wait for Eurojackpot draw time to occur.

Thanks to great number of fans all across the europe, this lottery game continues to exist. In addition, the tickets for this game can be bought locally in 17 different countries in Europe.

That is to say, we will bring more information about Eurojackpot draw time and place further in the text.

Eurojackpot draw time info

First of all, it is important to mention that since the year 2015., the number of countries participating in this lottery game have increased.

Nevertheless, some of them are Croatia, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Itlay, Iceland, Hungary, Germany and more.

Furthermore, the jackpot has a starting point of € 10,000,000. Correspondingly to that, it can roll over to the amount of € 90,000,000.

When is the Eurojackpot draw time?

So, when is the eurojackpot draw time? To point out, the draw takes place every friday at 21 o’clock by local time in Helsinki.

Above all, eurojackpot friday draw time will gather much more players as it start of the weekend so for that reason, many have time to watch eurojackpot draw live time.

In case you are not able to catch the draw when live on tv, you can straightaway after the draw go to Lottomania site and check your Eurojackpot results.

The rules of Eurojackpot

Firstly, the players should pick 5 main numbers and additionally two more which are drawn from balls that go from 1 to 10. The main numbers are drawn from the group from 1 to 50 balls.

At the same time, goal is to match all of the mentioned numbers, all 7 of them. But however, even if you miss a few of them you still have a chance to get a smaller prize.

As there are 12 tiers of prizes, it is almost certain that you will win at least something from the list.

Eurojackpot draw time chances

The overall odds of winning in this jackpot game are 1:95,344,200. While these figures sound scary, this game is actually made specifically to increase the winnings.

In comparison to other games with greater amounts of jackpot, this game was specifically made to increase the number of winnings, so the jackpot doesn’t have much time to roll over.

How to increase Eurojackpot chance?

When it’s eurojackpot winning numbers draw time, accordingly to the development of the event, players get undoubtedly excited.

With these simple rules of the game, you can easily get great results and great prizes if you play frequently.

Most important, the odds of winning any prize are overall much greater than in other games with big jackpots.

In order to increase your odds, just be persistant with the game and play frequently. In addition to that, you can also do some research about numbers you want to play with.

Moreover, you can also use different systems or buy more tickets, depending on your presently preference.

Wining with statistics

With the help of Lottomania, you can get insight into overall information about needed statistics to engage in proper presently research.

The time of eurojackpot drawing is gathering large number of players and making them nervous to altogether find out the result.

In order to win with the help of statistics, you can try the method 2/3 or 3/2. That is meant for choosing the main numbers and it means choosing 2 odd and 3 even numbers or opposite.

Above all, it is proven that this kind of combinations appear in 65% of all previously drawings while only 3% have all odd or all even numbers.

To sum up, the rest are the numbers between those two combinations, but obviously, the one, as shown above, has the greatest chances.

Eurojackpot lotto in Europe

As shown above, Eurojackpot has spread across many countries of Europe thanks to a large number of fans.

But, however, we stated only the eurojackpot draw time in helsinki, so as a result we have to mention a few other countries.

Eurojackpot drawing time in germany is one hour before the stated time, as Germany is in the central European time zone.

Who can play Eurojackpot?

First of all, all players have to be of legal age in their country to be able to presently purchase the ticket.

The minimum legal age in all countries we mentioned previously as Croatia, Denmark, Sweden and others is 18 years old. In contrast to that, in Estonia you can purchase the tickets when 16 years old.

By all means, players should pay attention to the time when ticket sales stop. Most important, that time is moreover different in every country so be careful to check the list on official Eurojackpot site.

In case you decide to play eurojackpot lottery online, you have to also pay attention to the closing time for ticket sales as the time is overall different from the ones in authorized shops.

Above all, playing eurojackpot is undoubtedly possible from anywhere in the world, even if your country isn’t participating in this lottery.

More useful informations for players

One of the commonly asked questions is „Can I play while on holiday?”. The following answer is obviously yes, as the game can presently be played from any country in the world.

Another key point, the largest eurojackpot prize that was ever won was overall € 90 million in 2015., and since then was won again on several occasions.

In the same time, that is also the limit for jackpot rollover and any extra money is presently added to the next biggest prize tier.

Most important, be careful of overall lottery scams. That is email scams, phone scams or social media scams where you receive a message that you won something and to receive the prize you have to pay taxes.

In addition, to inform yourself about taxes, you can straightaway check the official eurojackpot site. There is an overall entire list of participating countries and their taxes on the winnings.