Eurojackpot winner


So, you wonder how to become Eurojackpot winner? First of all, you have to know the rules and obviously, play the game.

In like manner, try to follow the frequent news about the game to increase your presently chances.

Since it is very easy to do over the phone, there is surely no reason to miss out on all of the overall useful lottery info. By all means, stay in touch with the game in order to increase your chances.

So far many players everywhere across Europe have won many prizes by playing Eurojackpot.

In the hope that you will become one of them, we bring many helpful pieces of advice and tips on how to choose your presently winning combination.

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Eurojackpot winner numbers history

In order to be familiar with presently time and not make the same mistakes, you obviously need to know the history.

With this in mind, it is clear that in order to become Eurojackpot winner you have to dig into overall eurojackpot winning numbers history.

In this case, we will start simply with a few interesting facts especially about the lottery itself.

At any rate, don’t miss out on the great news about your favourite lottery games each presently week.

In addition to that, learn about eurojackpot winning probability in order to make the best winning combinations.

Eurojackpot info

To begin with, let’s state a few useful pieces of information to get you in touch with the overall game.

So, Eurojackpot is a transnational lottery game which is evidently played in many countries across Europe. For example Germany, Croatia, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden. Poland and Iceland.

To this end, it was launched in the March of 2012 and since then it kept growing with the help of numerous fans all across Europe.

What’s more, the starting amount of jackpot is € 10,000,000 and can significantly roll over all the way up to € 90,000,000.

In case you wonder what happens if the rollover hits the € 90,000,000 and has no place to grow anymore, we obviously have the answer.

In that case, the rest of the money that comes into the game is accordingly transferred onto the next prize tier.

So, in case you see that there is rollover upcoming, don’t miss the draw because you could certainly win big.

Eurojackpot winner numbers

Must be remembered that every time a different combination is drawn and it is highly unlikely to see one additionally repeat itself.

However, there were a few cases. But, we will focus more on the combinations that brought altogether multiple or one eurojackpot winner.

For example, in the drawing that occurred on 10th May this year, there were two eurojackpot winners altogether.

Furthermore, in the first place was eurojackpot winner germany and in the second place was eurojackpot winner poland.

In detail, the eurojackpot winning numbers were 5, 7, 15, 19, 29 and two numbers additionally, 3 and 8.

In like manner with the numbers 1, 2, 11, 19, 47 and additionally, 2 and 7, there was one eurojackpot winner sweden.

Above all, you can see all the drawings altogether with the number of winners and amounts of prizes on Lottomania as well.

In case you want to see more details, for example, the countries with the most winners and similar, follow the latest news or check the presently official lottery site.

Become Eurojackpot winner

First of all, to become one of the many who won in this transnational game, it is important to firstly get to know the rules.

Together with different systems, you can significantly increase your odds. Therefore, follow the news to catch all the info.

Besides letting everything to luck, you can take the chances into your own hands and statistically increase your overall odds of winning in this game.

With this in mind, don’t also forget that in order to win you need to play frequently. So, for that reason, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the next following drawing.

In the hope that you will be one on the list of many eurojackpot winners, we bring accordingly useful information.

How to play Eurojackpot

Above all, the rules are pretty simple. In any case, it is similar to all the rest of lotteries and differs only in the number of balls and such.

Alltogether there are 7 numbers to choose on the ticket. That is 5 main numbers which are chosen from 1 to 50 and then two numbers additionally, from 1 to 10.

On the positive side, these numbers that players additionally choose are very much of help in getting prizes.

For example, if you miss one main number, with the help of additional numbers you will get a prize much closer to the presently jackpot.

With this in mind, read the rest of the following news and help yourself to obviously choose the right combination.

Most important, while picking the numbers in your ticket you will see the green button that generally says ‘quick pick’.

That is a random number generator which makes the overall winning combination instead of you. So, in case you are in a hurry and still want to purchase the ticket, this is the best option.

Above all, many people also say that particularly by choosing numbers that way they previously won the best prizes.

How to get right combination?

In order to get the best results, start following the latest news and that way increase your overall chances of winning big.

At the same time, there are many systems you can use for your game. However, it is hard to say which ones work better overall, as that would require significantly research.

In case you have time and wish to do that, you can check all the methods by comparing them to the drawings that are published previously.

But besides that, we will write about some other systems that can help the players and are undoubtedly most commonly used.

So, prepare your paper and pen and get ready to mix up your further winning combination.

Eurojackpot winning system

For the reason of increasing your overall chances to win, study the eurojackpot winning strategy.

Important to realize, that while making your eurojackpot winning system you should also consider the statistics.

For example, in how many drawings are which kinds of combinations drawn and similar.

At this point, we bring the necessary information in detail. In addition, you can check some of the eurojackpot winner stories to get useful bits of advice.

Check frequency for every number

To begin with, write down a few more numbers than you need in the ticket. After that, you can slowly check number by number and find where it stands in the list of ball frequency.

In any case you will find all overall needed information for that subject, no matter which game you decide to play.

For example, presently most frequently drawn numbers in Eurojackpot are 18, 40, 33, 19 and 16.

To clarify, these numbers are refered only to choosing main numbers. In case you want to do the same with numbers you choose additionally, you can repeat the procedure.

To point out, you can use different approaches when doing this research. For example, you can use results from the past 4 weeks or the past year, depending on your overall preference.

Watch for entire combination in the same time

In order to increase your eurojackpot winning probabillity, follow the second step.

Now that you chose your most common numbers or you decided to stick with other ones of your preference, you should surely move onto the next step.

Overall statistics say that the combinations consisting of particualrly determined mix of odd and even numbers have much higher chances to win.

To demonstrate, that is 2/3 or 3/2 scheme which means 2 odd numbers and 3 even or opposite.

With the result that carries the percentage of 65%, that means significantly increasing your chances.

In contrast to that, the combinations of all odd or all even numbers are drawn only around 3% of the time.

Eurojackpot winner country

In case you want to know, you can always visit official site to check eurojackpot winners by country.

In like manner we will also bring these kinds of information to you in order to save you some time.

Further, in the text, you can check how many eurojackpot winners was in your country and how much did they win.

Eurojackpot winners by country

To begin with, let’s focus on eurojackpot winner 2019 by country. So, while looking trough this year’s results we can see that Germany was in first place.

In any case we cannot say eurojackpot winner germany, because there were two of them. However, in other countries it is not the case.

So far we have eurojackpot winner sweden, eurojackpot winner poland and that is it for this year’s results.

In case of considering all draws all the way back to the 2012., Germany is still in the lead with 28 jackpot winners.

There was 5 eurojackpot winners from denmark, 9 eurojackpot winner finland, one eurojackpot winner hungary and also 2 from Italy.

After that there were 2 eurojackpot winner netherlands, 3 eurojackpot winner norway, one from poland, 3 eurojackpot winner spain and 2 from sweden.

That is altogether, 73 winners in total.

Eurojackpot highest win

In like manner we also need to work out the subject of eurojackpot biggest win.

So far, the highest eurojackpot win was by person from Czech Republic who won the € 90,000,000 jackpot.

In a similar fasion, there was a occurence when five players won the jackpot in the same drawing and then conseuently split the jackpot.

In detail, each of the players got € 18,000,000. After all, eurojackpot was made to compete with other transnational games with higher prizes by increasing it’s probability.

While it may be true that you might win less if you win eurojackpot, you also want to consider the overall odds of winning in the game.

Eurojackpot winner odds

As shown above, it is much easier to become Eurojackpot winner than win in some other transnational games.

Of course it depends also on which prize tier are you focused on. In case you aim for the jackpot, it is obviously clear that the chances are much smaller as you need also match more numbers.

Just for that reason, eurojackpot was made in the first place. Now that stated, we can get into more details about the subject.

Eurojackpot winning chance

Provided that eurojackpot lottery is made to be won more frequently, eurojackpot win chance of 1 in 95,344,200 does not sound comforting.

But, however, those chances particularly refer to the main prize or in other words, the jackpot.

In contrast to that, when we speak of altogether odds of winning any prize, generally they are 1 in 35.

Finally, that doesn’t sound bad at all. In this situation you can, in a worst case scenario, end up with the price of a ticket back in your pocket.

To point out, besides jakcpot, there are many other great prizes. For example, the second prize also carries a larger amount of money so you won’t be disappointed afterwards.

Chances of winning other prizes

While we all in the first place focus on the jackpot, it is important to mention the other great prizes that you should not neglect.

Especially for the reason that those prizes often carry fair amounts of money. For example, in the second place the prize often gets close to the jackpot itself.

But, in contrast to the jackpot, the chances of winning the second prize tier are 1 in 5,959,013.

In the third place, chances of winning the prize are 1 in 3,405,150. After that, the chances for the fourth prize in a row are 1 in 423,752.

Obviously, simultanously with lowering the prize there are also higer chances to win them.

In like manner, fifth prize is won by 1 person from group of 26,485 people. After that, sixth prize is won by 1 person from 9,631.

To sum up, there are 12 prize tiers and obviously it is much easier to get the lower prizes, which is not that bad.

After all, it gives you fundings to buy more tickets and play more frequently, which consequently increases your odds.

Eurojackpot winner prizes

Since everyone is playing just for the reason of winning those great prizes, it seems fair to bring it up in the presently text.

Above all, it would be great to demonstrate how many people got the prizes and how much did they altogether get.

Even more, it proves that this game truly is made to be won more frequently. In any case, feast your eyes on those figures until you finally win them.

By all means, be prepared for the next drawing, especially if there is an upcoming rollover.

Eurojackpot big winners

At this point, we already mentioned the eurojackpot biggest win of the person from the Czech Republic. But, besides that, we need to mention other significantly figures.

After that, one person from Finland took € 61,100,000, back in the year 2014.

And in addition, there were some other big jackpots. For example, in 2017 there were five players who previously shared € 90,000,000 prize.

Even though they had to share the prize, each of them took overall € 18,000,000.

Then again, the prize of € 90,000,000 was won by a player from Germany. And after that, one more player from Germany won € 84,700,000.

And additionally, once more someone from Finland won in 2017, and took the prize of € 86,900,000.

In conclusion, most prizes are from eurojackpot winners germany. That is probably due to the high popularity of that game overall in that country.

By all means, that does not mean that someone from other countries could not win. For example, there were also eurojackpot winners poland.

Most important is to participate and the rest will come naturally.

What are the prizes?

Above all, you probably wonder what is the starting amount for the presently jackpot. To begin with, the starting amount is € 10,000,000.

Furthermore, it can roll over all the way to € 90,000,000. After that, all the money that additionally comes in the game is transferred to the next prize tier.

For that reason don’t miss the drawings with upcoming rollovers. As shown above, the prize you can get in that drawing can overall be much, much higher than in other drawings.

In the second place, the prize is significantly € 423,216.60. After that, in the third place, the prize is € 85,354.60.

Then again, the fourth place has a prize of € 2,928.80. After that, the fifth prize has a prize of € 197.40.

Furthermore, the sixth place has a prize of € 109.80 and seventh € 47.60. Following comes the eight prize in a row of € 20,10 and ninth prize of € 15.40.

After that, there are three more prizes, € 15.10, € 9.90 and € 7.90. Even if these last prizes seem small to you, they are indeed still some kind of profit.

On one hand, those prizes are like getting a few free tickets. In any case, giving you a hand in playing in the next drawings so you could finally win big.

Follow Eurojackpot winner results

For the purpose of getting the best combinations you can, follow the last results of the game. That is results from drawings obviously, where you can see if you in any case won.

In case you miss a drawing, you can always go to Lottomania or check on official lottery site the info about the last drawing you previously missed.

Important to realize is that people sometimes don’t check properly, miss a number and then miss their overall prize.

In order not to end up empty handed, check your numbers twice and make yourself sure that you surely did not or did win.

Where and when to check results?

At the present time, the drawings are held in Helsinki at 21:00 o’clock. Given that, be careful that this time is put accordingly to the time zone in that area.

For example, Germany is in central european time zone (CET) which is one hour ahead of the generally coordinated universal time.

Most important, Helsinki is 2 hours ahead of that time. So, that means while drawing is generally at 9 p.m. in Helsinki, in Germany it is at 8 p.m.

For that reason, be careful in which time zone are you presently located in and consequently, wait for the presently draw.

In case you miss the drawing, you can easily have access to the overall drawn numbers by just visiting Lottomania site.

Above all, don’t forget to check your results, either way, so you don’t further lose your prizes.

Following weekly news on Lottomania will help you to stay in touch with the overall game. So next time while you are waiting somewhere in the line or travelling, take your phone and approach to the presently site.

Why are eurojackpot results important?

In the first place, they are very important for you so you can check if you won. Besides that, there is one more reason they are especially important to the players.

That is above all, making your winning combination. To explain, they are used in the strategies and systems for winning.

In detail, they give you out a piece of information about number frequencies where you can see which presently numbers were most commonly drawn.

By all means, with the help of that data, you can make your perfect presently winning combinations.

Simply, choose the presently most common numbers and increase your overall chances of winning in an instant.

In like manner, you can go further in the drawings published previously. So, that means that you can in like manner use data from past 100 drawings or you can just pick last 4 weeks.

To sum up, this decision depends on you. Given that, it is hard to give the exact percentage of how much does your overall chances increase.

For example, while looking at odd and even numbers the data is obviously clear on that subject.

However, it is impossible to make that kind of research on every single number in every likewise combination.

For that reason, do your best and leave the rest to luck. Together with the great chances of overall winning, you will surely end up with at least the last prize.