Little review of France Lotto

Did you hear about France Lotto? It’s a famous lotto game where you can win a jackpot up to several million euros.

Before you decide to play France Lotto, see what you need to do to so you can avoid mistakes and win the main prize.

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France lotto results history

¿Are you interested in France lotto results history ? The first French national lottery exists since 1976. Over the last few years, there’s been over 40 winners, who won huge amounts.

For instance, it has been noted that in the French lottery there are more winners than in another known lottery game like EuroMillions.

How to play France Lotto

Before you start thinking about choosing a winning combination, you need to start by checking out the rules.

It is good that the rules are not complicated so you can do everything in a few moves, especially if you choose to play online.

In other words, it is necessary to select six numbers of which one is optional and five main numbers. One additional number you can choose between 1 and 10.

However, the main numbers you can choose between 1 and 49.

For instance if you want to win a jackpot you need to guess all six numbers.

If you can score less than that, you can also win the prize just because it will not be as high as the jackpot.

The jackpot can be rolled over 30 times, and if there is no winner, the money is rolled down and divided among the best winning tier.

France Lotto predictions and winning tips

Have you ever wondered how to increase the chances of winning a jackpot? In other words, talking about France Lotto predictions, did you think how to guess the numbers for the winning combinationor ?

One way how you can increase the chances of guessing numbers is to track the france lotto latest results . However to get as many numbers as you need to check out some recent draws.



1 9 17 24 46 and additional number 8

Next jackpot €2,000,000


14 16 22 23 42 and additional number 5

There is a winner of €2,000,000


9 13 15 24 26 and additional number 9

There is a winner of €2,000,000


13 19 24 26 27 and additional number 7

There is a winner of €9,000,000

After a few recent draws, you can see how many times the jackpot was won and whether the numbers were repeated.

It’s good to know how many times someone has won a jackpot because it means that it’s possible to win odds and that you too can be one of the winners.

What are France Lotto hot numbers

Thanks to the official lottery you can find the most frequently drawn numbers and before you have hoped or France Lotto hot numbers


Choose six numbers from the ones you notice that appeared most times.

France lotto latest results tips.

Ready to know  France lotto latest results. Definitely, following the most recent outcomes can give you the best opportunities to get a prize.

If you have finally managed to win a jackpot you certainly want to spend money as soon as possible. But before you do this, consider how to do it best.

It may be best to make a financial plan and find out what are your priorities. For example, if you have debts, it is best to get rid of them first.

A financial adviser can help you because as hard as it can be, it’s not easy to control that amount of money.

Believe in yourself because only this way you can expect great France lotto results.

French Lotto

French Lotto