BonoLoto Information

Latest Result (Aug 7, 2020)

Latest Result (Aug 7, 2020)


Country Schedule Guess Range
Country Spain Schedule Monday 7:30 PM UTC Lottery Local Time: Monday 9:30 PM GMT+2
Tuesday 7:30 PM UTC Lottery Local Time: Tuesday 9:30 PM GMT+2
Wednesday 7:30 PM UTC Lottery Local Time: Wednesday 9:30 PM GMT+2
Thursday 7:30 PM UTC Lottery Local Time: Thursday 9:30 PM GMT+2
Friday 7:30 PM UTC Lottery Local Time: Friday 9:30 PM GMT+2
Saturday 7:30 PM UTC Lottery Local Time: Saturday 9:30 PM GMT+2
Guess Range 6/49
Latest Result (Aug 7, 2020): Latest Result (Aug 7, 2020)

In case you want to know what are the latest BonoLoto Results, check out our pages on Lottomania!

In like manner, find out how to play the bonoloto today and get ready to win a great prize.

Above all, you can get the bonoloto info straightaway here in order to start playing.

First of all, bonoloto is the game in which the odds of winning are explicitly high.

For that reason every time you play, you can be ready to win the jackpot.

At this point, don’t wait and get to know the game altogether so you can finally win.

How to play the BonoLoto?

First of all, the rules of this game are evidently simple. That is, you choose your numbers overall and of course, wait.

In order to start playing the bonoloto today, you have to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49.

And of course, that is all. However, you need to know how to get the best overall combination altogether.

In like manner, we will surely bring you instructions to get the best overall combination of numbers.

Most important, there are also many systems that can help you altogether. For that reason, we will go in detail.

Play BonoLoto online

Why play bonoloto online? First of all, you can check bonoloto today, see your bonoloto results even see the bonoloto yesterday.

Not to mention all the bonoloto draws and prizes. At this point, all of that can be seen online.

Above all, playing this lottery game online will give you many benefits.

For example, you can play any time you want. That is even in the middle of the night.

At the same time, you save money on travel altogether. By all means, it also means no more lines.

So, altogether with no waiting in lines and no travelling to local authorized shops – it surely is a great thing.

Not to mention saving the money for the gas or the ticket for public transport.

In general, you can also see previous results, weekly bonoloto check together with a draw today.

For that reason, choose Lottomania and stick to the online lotto games.

How to get the bonoloto winning combination?

First of all, seeing the weekly bonoloto results will surely be of great help altogether.

By the same token, the previous bonoloto draws will also help you. For example, you can see the patterns in the previous drawings.

That is obviously the best way to increase your odds of winning altogether.

Surely, you can find the presently results online and use the research that was accordingly already published.

In case you don’t trust the presently results that are published by someone else, you can surely get your own.

Correspondingly to that, just check the info and bonoloto previous results and you are ready.

That is, to make your presently bonoloto winning combination.

When is the BonoLoto draw live?

At this point, the bonolotto draw is always at 7:30 p.m by UTC.

In case you don’t know, UTC is Coordinated Universal Time. For that reason, be careful in which time zone are you.

For example, in case you are in South Africa you are two hours ahead of this time.

Likewise, your time zone is then SAST which stands for South African Standard Time.

In order to follow the draw live, find out what time is it in your area accordingly to the time zone.

What days do you play bonoloto?

Unlike other lotto games, bonoloto draws are really frequent. That is almost every day, except sunday.

So, in like manner, we have bonoloto monday, bonoloto tuesday, wednesday and thursday.

Not to mention, bonoloto friday and bonoloto saturday. Above all, that means you can win prizes every day.

At this point, you can make winning combination and already find out did you win in bonoloto today.

In case you wonder when playing this lottery game, obviously, the answer is – every day.

By all means, you can choose any day and you will be able to witness your results straightaway.

At the present time, you can play your bonoloto winning combination and not even wait long to do today’s bonoloto check.

Until what time you can throw the bonoloto?

Above all, most of the lotteries have their closing time for ticket sales around one hour before the draw altogether.

However, it is different in every country obviously and for that reason, go accordingly your time zone.

Of course, if you use online lotto platforms you just need to calculate one hour before the draw and that is it altogether.

In case the draw is at 19:30, obviously the ticket sales are going to end at 18:30.

Above all, be careful and follow bonoloto today not to miss your chance to be a part of bonoloto draw.

At this point, the chances to win the jackpot are very high and certainly, you don’t wanna miss your chances.

How to win the bonoloto

In case you wonder how to get the bonoloto winning combination, we are here to accordingly help you.

Above all, there are certain systems and strategies you can use. Surely, you can find many on the internet altogether.

However, not all of them will certainly increase your chances altogether. For that reason, use the ones that make sense to you.

For example, there are certain ways to increase your chances to get winning numbers.

That is to choose the numbers that come out more bonoloto. Of course, that will statistically speaking, increase your overall chances.

In order to get bonoloto winning combination, you should be following the instructions further in the text.

Pick the single numbers first

By all means, you need to get your combination from – the right numbers.

That is, certainly, from the numbers which have the greatest odds of all to win altogether.

In order to know which numbers are more likely to be drawn, you can basically use the info available online.

That is the overall number frequency that is available almost anywhere. In like manner, you can do the research yourself.

In case you want to do the research yourself, check bonoloto results and that is bonoloto previous results.

At the same time find which are the most drawn numbers and that are surely the ones that will make your overall combination a winning one.

Likewise, you can also surely just use the info available online. Of course, you can use the latest results or otherwise, the results of many drawings altogether.

Patterns in the combination are the key

Together with the most drawn numbers, there are also the specifically obvious patterns in the combinations altogether.

Being that, you need to focus on the combinations and see what are the numbers and what is the kind of numbers altogether.

For example, that might be odd or even numbers. At the same time, you might see some more of the presently patterns.

In case you have the time, try to inspect it. Unquestionably, first of all, you need to get the bonoloto draw.

To sum up, combine the most popular numbers in bonolotto with those patterns you find and you will surely have bonoloto winning combination.

The numbers that appear most in the BonoLoto

I order to know what are the bonoloto numbers that come out the most, you can certainly use the info available online.

For example, many sites offer results from previously published drawings from the past 4 weeks or even all the draws altogether.

In like manner, it is very easy to find out what are the presently most common numbers.

Otherwise, you can also find out the least common numbers and most overdue numbers.

Being that, we will go in detail about the subject further in the following text.

Bonoloto numbers that are repeated the most

First of all, to make a bonoloto winning combination you obviously need to increase your overall chances.

In order to get the best bonoloto result and get bonoloto prizes, you obviously need to get to know the game.

Firstly, know the most drawn or most common numbers. Above all, those are the numbers that have been drawn more times than others.

However, there are also the least common numbers which are the exact opposite of that.

In like manner, there are also most overdue and least overdue numbers which correspondingly speaks about when was the particular number drawn.

By all means, all of that will come in handy to make your best winning combination for bonoloto.

Most popular numbers in bonoloto

Unquestionably, you can always get your most popular numbers in bonoloto online.

In case you want to avoid the numbers that people tend to use the most, surely do some research.

As a matter of fact, that might even prevent that you share a jackpot prize in some cases.

Being that, it is surely good to study the overall most popular numbers in bonoloto.

By the same token, this with the most common number altogether will help you get the bonoloto winning combination.

Above all, lotteries and bonoloto state bets always have available results online and you can access them any time you want to altogether.

BonoLoto prizes

Most important in the game, that is any game at all, are certainly the prizes.

At any rate, the altogether prizes in bonoloto are not high likewise in some other games.

However, for that reason, the chances to win are very high. In like manner, in every drawing, you can expect to win a jackpot altogether.

To begin with, the presently amount of jackpot is € 2.200.000! Surely, that is not a bad prize.

Not to mention the great chances to win it altogether. For that reason, don’t miss a draw.

Higher prizes in BonoLoto

So, what are the higher prizes in bonoloto? First of all, the presently jackpot amount is € 2.200.000.

Most important, the starting amount of jackpot is € 400.000. However, in case there are no winners of the jackpot, you can expect a rollover.

That is when nobody takes the money of the jackpot so the presently gathered money from ticket sales has altogether added to the main prize.

By all means, you surely want to play while the prizes are higher as you can obviously, win more.

Furthermore, in the second place, the presently prize was € 175,307.73.

However, you can surely notice that prizes vary in amounts. For that reason, you can surely expect a bigger prize in the following games.

Lower prizes in BonoLoto

To begin with, there are 6 prize tiers in this game. For that reason, the chances of winning are high.

At this point, we will start from the lowest of the prizes which are € 0.50. After that, there is a prize of € 4.

Furthermore, there are prizes for €27 and so on. Undoubtedly, these prizes seem worthless.

However, don’t ignore them because they are your free ticket. By all means, they can help you to participate in the following drawing.

And of course, get you another chance to win the jackpot. Correspondingly to that, don’t get discouraged.

Another key point, get prizes by following the weekly bonoloto results and additionally, the previously published ones.

Chances to win BonoLoto

Given that we already stated how to hit the bonoloto, now we surely need to start with chances of winning altogether.

As a matter of fact, the chances to win in the bonoloto are much greater in comparison to the other lotto games.

Specifically, because the draw is 6 days a week. In addition to that, there are multiple prizes which you can win.

For that reason, the chance to win any prize is 1 in 8. That is one winner from a group of every 8 players which are surely getting a prize.

At this point, you probably wonder what are the chances to win the jackpot.

Nonetheless, we will go in detail about that further in the following text below.

Chances to win the jackpot

At this point, we already explained how to get the bonoloto winning combination and why are bonoloto results useful.

Then again, the bonoloto prizes and bonoloto today check ticket all have been said.

First of all, the chance to win the jackpot is 1 in 13,983,816. Even though this number seems huge, chances are not that bad.

Above all, it is more likely to win this jackpot then the prizes in most other games altogether.

Not to mention the overall chance of getting any prize at all, which shows the difference at its best.

Undeniably, it will be much easier to win this jackpot. By all means, just check bonoloto and make boneloto forecast.

Given that, use the methods we described and you will surely get the best bonoloto result.

Chances to win the game altogether

In case you want to win fast, you should certainly play bonoloto. That is because of the great chances of winning.

Above all, the chances of winning any prize at all are 1 in 8. Certainly, that is one person from a group of only 8 people altogether.

Not to mention, that drawings are almost every day in the week. That is, specifically 6 days in the week.

Together with making the perfect bonoloto winning combination you can surely take the jackpot.

Above all, watch the numbers that appear most in the bonoloto and use them to finally become a millionaire.

Why should I play this lotto game?

Above all, together with great prizes bonoloto also has great chances which can surely help you to finally become a millionaire.

In case you are dreaming of buying a new house, buying a new car or finally taking a vacation, try your luck in this lotto game.

First of all, check weekly bonoloto. That is because every day you can become a millionaire in this lotto game.

Not to mention how easy it is playing this game online. Most important, find out about bonoloto winning combination and get ready to win.

Furthermore, to help you to win, we accordingly bring you the bonoloto info which will surely give you a hand to start.

As shown above, we explained how to play and everything regarding the game.

In addition, we haven’t mentioned one simple and quick method of gaining your bonoloto winning combination.

What is Quick Pick?

First of all, in case you don’t have much time to do the research, you should surely use the quick pick option.

That is a random number generator. To begin with, this will help you to get your overall combination.

In case you never used it, it is simple. Above all, it requires just a click of a button.

While on lottomania, purchasing a ticket, you just click on a ‘quick pick’ button and your presently combination will automatically generate.

In any case, it will surely give you the best overall presently combination of random numbers.

So, at this point, if you don’t have much time you surely don’t have to worry about it.

Furthermore, you can just go and get your presently combination with a click of a button altogether.

Check BonoLoto today

Most important, you can check your presently results on lottomania at any time you want.

That is surely, one of the greatest advantages of presently online lottery platforms.

Not to mention that you can play anytime, anywhere you want. In case you go on a holiday, you can play from a different country.

Surely, you can check bonoloto today. However, you can also check bonoloto tuesday or the bonoloto friday.

At this point, you can check any of the previously published results at any time you want to.

For that reason, choose Lottomania, where you can certainly safely play your favourite games.

BonoLoto Results

As shown above, you can get a presently winning combination with the help of these results altogether.

So, for that reason, lottomania has the overall ability to see many previously published drawings.

In case you want to see your bonoloto results today, you can do that any time you want after the drawing was otherwise published.

Not to mention, you can see info on our pages and even more, do a today’s bonoloto check.

In order to see your presently results, basically, all you have to do is altogether go on the results page.

Straightaway, accordingly, you will basically see the last bonoloto draw and the bonoloto winning combination.

What was the last BonoLoto winning combintion?

To begin with, the last winning combination was 8, 9, 11, 25, 28 and 39.

In case you see this combination on your presently ticket, you will surely win € 2.200.000.

However, in case you missed a few presently numbers, you can still surely get a great prize.

In any case, there are also great prizes in second place and even more, in the third place.

For that reason, don’t get worried about missing a number in your presently ticket.

To sum up, even if you only match 3 numbers out of the entire combination altogether, you can still get a prize.

So, for that reason, don’t give up after the first try as sooner or later the jackpot will certainly be yours.

Pairs of numbers that more come out in the bonoloto

Above all, besides just single numbers, there are also pairs of numbers that get correspondingly frequently drawn.

For example, those could be overall 8 and 9, 12 and 13, 22 and 23 or 30 and 31 and so on.

Not to mention, that will surely additionally help you in case you have your own number which you want to put in your combination.

Certainly, in order to finally get your winning combination, now you have many strategies.

That is to altogether choose single numbers, afterwards manage the entire combinations and even more.

Most importantly, to find the most frequently used numbers altogether or even more, the pairs of numbers that are presently more common in bonolotto.

At this point, you can surely make a great winning combination and win great bonolotto prizes without a doubt.

For that reason, purchase the presently ticket before it’s too late and try your luck in BonoLoto!

Tier Match
Prize Chance to win
Prize #1I Match
Prize : 45.00% shared
Chance to win : 1 in 13,983,816
Prize #2II Match
5 + 1
Prize : 24.00% shared
Estimated: €80,000
Chance to win : 1 in 2,330,636
Prize #3III Match
Prize : 12.00% shared
Estimated: €1,000
Chance to win : 1 in 55,491
Prize #4IV Match
Prize : 19.00% shared
Estimated: €30
Chance to win : 1 in 1,032
Prize #5V Match
Prize : €4 Chance to win : 1 in 56.6
Prize #6VI Match
Prize : €0.5 Chance to win : 1 in 10
Overall chances of winning any prize: 1 in 8.43