Mega Jackpot

Mega Jackpot

Wouldn’t be great to win a mega jackpot? Imagine what you can do if you win a lot of money. In other words, this is possible with the help of several popular lottery games such as Powerball, MegaMillions, Oz Lotto, and many others.

Mega Jackpot Lottery Australia

Oz Lotto is a popular game that offers great prizes. For over 20 years, many players are trying to win as much money as possible.

Draws are every Tuesday night. It is necessary to choose 9 numbers between 1 and 45. While the last two are additions, the first seven are the main numbers.

The results are available around 9:00 PM AEST.

Many players choose the numbers according to the latest results because if they find that some of the numbers are repeated, they think that they could guess the winning combination.


The prize was $ 37,960,000.00. In other words, a lot of money to spend it.

You can also play online through With the help of an online website, you have the opportunity to buy a ticket without waiting in line.

After a free registration on Lottomania, just select the numbers. You can do it by yourself or with Quick Pick, an option that randomly selects numbers.

Win a Mega Jackpot in Mega Millions Lottery

Mega Millions and Powerball are the most popular lottery game. The main reason is the big jackpot that can be won at each draw.

You can play Mega Millions if you don’t live in the United States, thanks to Lottomania.

With Lottomania you can play online and select specific numbers. The only thing you have to do is register and buy a ticket so that you can choose the numbers. Registration is free.

The draws are every Tuesday and Friday night and the jackpot starts with $ 40 million.

The game started in 1996 and since then there are more and more players from numerous countries.

If you choose to play, select 5 main numbers between 1 and 75 and one number between 1 and 25. You can win a jackpot if you guess all six numbers.

You can win Mega Millions in several ways. Have you tried to track the latest results? Why is this important?

It’s likely that some numbers will be repeated so that can be a great opportunity to guess all six numbers.


The prize was $ 90 million. This is really a big amount to win it.

Win a Mega Jackpot in Powerball Lottery

Powerball is also a popular American game you can play and if you don’t live in the United States.

Therefore with the help of the Lottomania online website you only need to register and buy a ticket and select the numbers.

You can choose numbers by yourself or with Quick Pick. Choosing Quick Pick means that the system will pick the numbers instead of you.

If you want to choose them by yourself you have to decide for 5 numbers between 1 and 69 and a number between 1 and 26. The jackpot starts with $ 40 million. If you want to check last results click here.

If you choose to play over Lottomania you will have the opportunity to choose numbers with just a few clicks on your computer.

It should be noted that you will not have to wait in line. You will have the luxury at your home to choose a combination with which to win a jackpot.

In conclusion, there is nothing another left to try. All options are open. Good luck!