Oz Lotto draw time

Oz Lotto draw time

Wait for Oz Lotto draw time and find out if you are among the lucky winners. With a little luck and a lot of positive energy, you maybe win a jackpot.

This lottery game is a popular Australian game that offers a great jackpot. It exists over 20 years and each Tuesday brings a number of players.

Every Tuesday night 9 balls are drawn between numbers 1 and 45. While the last two are additional, the first seven are the main numbers.

To win a jackpot in Division 1, it is necessary to guess 7 numbers.

Therefore once you have selected the numbers you need to wait for the draw at 21:00 AEST.

How to play the online lottery on Lottomania

Lottomania.mobi is a useful website where you can play online popular Australian game.

This way you will not have to leave your home. In other words, you can select the numbers in peace and wait for the drawing time.

Register for free and make sure you enter the correct information.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the support team at Lottomania. They will try to respond as soon as possible.

After registration, you can select the numbers. In other words you can choose between quick pick where the numbers are randomly selected or do it by yourself.

Finally, the only thing left is to hope that the management of your numbers will be pulled out. Where can I check my lotto ticket?

All important information related to this game will be forwarded to your email.

How to play the Australian lottery game

The rules are not complicated, it is necessary to select 9 numbers, meaning seven main and two additional. It is necessary to include numbers between 1 and 45.

However, if you like your numbers randomly generated, then it’s best to choose Oz Lotto QuickPick.

If you select numbers by yourself and if you want to ease it, see the most often drawn numbers. Maybe you get inspiration for your winning combination.

How to win Australian lottery game

Want to know how to win a lottery game? Oz Lotto secures a $ 2 million reward every Tuesday.

If there are no winners, the prize pool will switch to the next round.

You can choose the winning combination according to the most frequently drawn numbers.

Many go with this method because they believe it will increase the chances of winning the jackpot.

The latest survey showed the most commonly drawn numbers.


In conclusion, try also with this combination and hope for the best.