OZ Lotto winners

Oz Lotto Winners

We were just thinking how many OZ Lotto winners are there? No matter what it’s clear that each day there are more and more players.

In other words, the reason for the popularity of this game is the simple rules. The minimum prize offered is $ 1 to $ 2 million.

The award for all OZ Lotto winners depends on how many numbers they guess and for which division. Chick on OZ lotto check ticket to get all instructions.

In Division 1 you can win if you guess 7 winning numbers. Division 2 you need 1 or 2 additional and 6 winning numbers.

In Division 3 you can win the money if you guess 6 numbers. Division 4 you can win the money if you guess 1 or 2 additional and 5 winning numbers.

In Division 5 you can win the money if you guess 5 numbers. Division 6 you can win the money if you guess 4 numbers.

Finally for Division 7 you can be a winner if you guess 1 or 2 additional and 3 winning numbers.

Tips for playing Oz Lotto game

It is necessary to select 9 numbers, which refers to 2 additional and 7 main numbers from 1 to 45.

Draws are every Tuesday night, and the results are visible at 9:00 PM AEST.

You can choose numbers in several ways. For instance, if you want Quick Pick, you can’t do anything but wait for the draw.

With Quick Pick numbers are randomly selected, so you don’t have to think how to choose them.

If you select them by yourself, many choose the numbers that have been repeatedly drawn because they think they have more chances to win.

How to win the lotto

It would be nice if there was a unique formula thanks to which you could win a jackpot.

Instead, you can explore several options that will increase your chances.

From 4.12.2018. until 15.1.2019. the most frequently drawn numbers are 4 20 26 32 33 40 42. Here are the winning numbers:

Number 4 was drawn twice,  20 three times. 26 twice times, 32 five times. 33 twice, 40 another twice. And finaly number 42 twice times.

How to play lotto online

Playing online can be fun and with less stress. Just imagine sitting in front of your computer and all you have to do is select several buttons.

Just like on Lottomania, a website where you can play Oz lotto game.

In only a few moves you can increase the chances of winning a jackpot.

First, register for free and then consider which numbers to choose.

The support team at Lottomania will answer any of your questions.

However, all information related to account will be forwarded to your email address.

The draw results will be visible after they are announced by the official lottery.

If you win up to $ 2,500 or less, your money will be transferred to your account.

For any amount of over $ 2,500, you should contact the support team.

Finally, we want to wish you a lot of luck. Became one of the OZ Lotto winners.