Play UK Lottery

Play Uk Lotto

Do you want to play the UK Lottery? Join and play this popular game, it might just change your life.

If you guess 6 numbers you can win the main jackpot. If you guess 5 major numbers plus a Bonus Ball you have the chance to win £1,000,000.

The prize of guessing 5 correct numbers is £1,750. Winning 4 correct numbers gets you a prize of  £140 and for 3 accurate numbers you get £30.

Remember that you can always see the results of the draws on our results page UK Lottery Results

Tips for playing UK National Lottery

If you’ve decided to join players around the world, it’s the time to consider the numbers you want to choose.

It is important that you pick 6 numbers between 1 and 59.  If you decide to select numbers due to an important date, be sure to include a combination of numbers up to 59.

You can always choose the QuickPick option. It’s a simple play mode where numbers are randomly selected for you.

If you choose this option, it’s clear you want to leave it all up to chance. When there are multiple winners the prize will be equally divided. Don’t forget that the jackpot will increase with the number of players.

The jackpot starts Saturday with 3.8 million pounds, increasing until someone guesses winning combination.

The most frequently drawn numbers are 9, 12, 15, 17 and 19. Here are some of the most commonly drawn numbers:
59 – drawn 39 times
58 – drawn 44 times
52 – drawn 41 times
8 – drawn 41 times
46 – drawn 40 times
20 – drawn 40 times

Make a little research and then choose your lucky numbers.
Check which numbers have been drawn recently and you may be able to choose a winning combination.

If you decide to play this sough-after game, check out the rules and rely on your happiness.

Changes in the UK lottery game

The new rule states that the jackpot has to spin five times before it can be won.

Sometimes the prizes depended on the number of winners that differ from each draw. There is now a fixed amount for each category.

The number of balls increased from 49 to 59. The odds for winning awards are from 1 to 45,057,474.

There is also a new award for matching two numbers.

The advantages of online lotto games

There are countless benefits of playing online over Lottomania.You will be able to save a great amount of time because you can access all your favourite Lottery games in one online website.

There are only a few steps, buy a ticket and choose the right numbers. The first thing you need to do is register and select a lottery game.

Once you’ve decided a combination on QuickPick or you’ve picked the numbers yourself, all you will have to do is wait for the draw.

Finally, compare the numbers you have selected with the winning numbers. You can find your purchased tickets in your account.

For any questions, please contact our support team. Just choose the Contact Us category to do so.

On Lottomania you will find a category called Frequently Asked Questions that people tend to ask, maybe it can help solve any doubts you may have.

Be patient and believe in yourself. It is your time to win and become a millionaire. Good luck.