International Lotto Tickets

Above all, there are undoubtedly millions of Lotto fans all across the world. From Monday lotto, Powerball, Megamillions to Eurojackpot, Lottomania gathered the most beloved lotteries and put them all together in one place. In addition to Lottomania being the online lottery, it makes playing the game undeniably convenient.

After that, there is information and news available on results which includes french lotto results, South African lotto, UK lotto results, Irish lotto, German lotto and many others as well.

Of course, winning lotto numbers is a fun game in which simultaneously generations of people enjoy. Provided that information it is obviously clear why are lottery games presently such a success.

Whether you play from time to time or you like to play it frequently, it will surely never stop being exciting thanks to evidently big prizes. Most importantly, the main prizes also have frequent rollovers as they are surely not won every time.

That is what attracts a large number of players to try out their luck to win the significantly large amounts of prizes. In either case, with many possible prizes, it is highly unlikely not to win at least a few dollars or euros.

Playing Lotto

As has been noted, generations of people altogether have been playing lottery games, everywhere around the world. Therefore, the game itself developed and significantly adjusted along with new technologies and change of culture.

Certainly, the general rules are always the same. Obviously, there is a certain number of balls with numbers on them and they are randomly drawn as players try to match them.

At the same time, there are different numbers of balls and some lotteries additionally have one or two more numbers that are saving the prizes for many players. To clarify, it does not affect the overall odds of winning the game.

While in Mega Millions you pick 5 main numbers and only one additionally, Eurojackpot has two numbers that you additionally choose. La Primitiva, for example, has only 6 main numbers and that is all.

As much as rules with numbers you pick change so does the number of balls that could possibly be drawn. In conclusion, the probability of winning is very much alike in all of the lotteries.

How to play

As shown above, rules are surely slightly different between the presently games. Firstly, starting with Powerball, you pick five main numbers and one number additionally. Following with Mega Millions, the same rules apply besides the different names for number picked additionally.

While Eurojackpot and EuroMillions, on the other hand, has a little bit different story. Altogether with choosing five main numbers, you have the chance to choose additionally two more numbers.

SuperEnalotto is based on only 6 main numbers, just like La Primitiva and Saturday lotto.

After that comes the French lotto which requires choosing only five main numbers and nothing additionally.

In view of the site, you can notice that rules on how to play are stated straightaway after choosing the desired game. You pick a certain amount of numbers then how much combinations you want to play.

Surely playing with more tickets will increase the odds of winning but then it also increases the expense. Therefore this option is not for everyone, obviously based on how much is a person ready to spend on the game.

Play lotto online

Without a doubt, the ability to access the lottery online has evidently changed the game big time. Therefore, the popular online lottery platform, Lottomania can be reached with your computer, your tablet and surprisingly, even with your phone.

To be sure not to get lost on the site, all important information is very visible and above all, there is nothing to get confused about there. Provided that it makes it evidently easier for people with very weak IT skills to search the site.

Under those circumstances it makes it undoubtedly easier for players to engage in the game. That is making the trips to local authorised stores unneccessary and surely saving people time and the money for unconveniant travel.

In order to play lotto online with Lottomania all you have to do is go trough a surprisingly quick registration. After that, you can access many games as shown above or others that are in your interest.

Not to mention the frequent flow of news that is coming up on Lottomania. Besides all the information available on the site, in the news, you can correspondingly see the last results and all information which is related to the subject in the article.

What are Lotto Results

The first thing to remember, keep track of the last results of every game you play so you don’t miss a draw. In that case, you might not know you won the game and therefore forget about it and lose your prize.

For the purpose of reminding you of the game and that drawing has passed, we frequently publish latest lotto news with results. The last news posts are now altogether holding many pieces of information from explaining how to play, all to the tips for choosing the winning combination.

On the other hand, occasionally you won’t have time or you will have to work while the drawing is ongoing. For that reason, we write the news and publish it on site making it undoubtedly more convenient for the players.

Meanwhile, with all of the adaptations of games, the odds of winning are unquestionably much greater. With that, the amounts of prizes also surprisingly grew.

Correspondingly with the greater jackpot, the numbers of overall prizes grew. That is offering players who guessed just a few numbers to still get a share of the reward. So, in case you match just two or three numbers you will still get the prize.

Why are previous results useful?

To begin with, using last results of drawing frequency can help you with overall choosing the right combination of numbers. Frequent flow of news offers otherwise available information on the sites.

With that in mind, you can put your lucky or favorite numbers down on paper and undoubtedly start your research. While before you would have to spend hours and hours on analysis about number frequency, nowdays everything is available straightaway within the articles.

So, therefore you can just relax and watch where are your lucky numbers in the statistics. For every game played there is a different result so be careful that you don’t follow the tables for the wrong games.

In addition with number frequencies, there are also advices on probability of odd numbers, even numbers and their combinations altogether.

For the ones who don’t want to take time to investigate, calculate or such, there is generally an option of quick pick. That is random number generator which makes undeniably the most random combination possible.

Even more, many people claim that it is undoubtedly the best way to win. However, we still like to leave multiple choices open and give insight in many different ways for creating the combination.

What games to play

Generally, Lottomania offers a wide range of different lottery games. For example, the BonoLoto, then Mon & Wed lotto, Polish lotto, Oz lotto and many others altogether with the ones as shown above.

What games will you play overall depends on you and the country you live in. While choosing the game, watch out for the currency in which is the prize so you don’t get following dissapointment.

Given these points, the rest soley depends on your personal preference for the game. As shown above there are many games with many different options so you are surely able to pick any which seems to suit you most.

For example, Oz lotto requires you to pick 7 main numbers, while Mon & Wed lotto has just 6 numbers to pick. In this case, both lottery games have 45 numbers that you can possibly choose from.

In contrast, if we compare it to Polish lotto, there are evidently 49 numbers to choose from. Uk lottery on the other hand, has even more, 59 numbers to choose from and you pick only main 6 to play.

On the whole, the most influence on the decision will undoubtedly have the amount of main prize. That is to say, starting with Mega Millions with € 244 millions, then Powerball following with € 192 millions.

SuperEnalotto is in third place with € 148 million, after that comes the Eurojackpot with € 90 million. To summarize, the prizes go all the way down to € 0.4 million which holds BonoLoto.

Lotto statistics and systems

As shown above, there is the option of following the statistics of number frequency to win the game. Generally, that is a great option but with that, there are many more options you can use to make your winning combinations.

For the purpose of shortening you the time to search for them altogether, we bring you the most commonly used ones.

As can be seen, Lottomania undoubtedly offers useful pieces of information on how to choose winning combinations. That is the subject we are going to further discuss.

From different lottery systems that can altogether be used to win, there are just few that are most commonly used. Even more, there are systems that use techniques of looking at the combination altogether instead of just number by number.

Following the news and articles can certainly give you enough of information to make the choice that feels right.

How to win the lotto

As has been noted, you can use the previously published results of draws so you can calculate the certain number frequencies. To do that, of course, you would need to surely spend hours and hours searching and calculating.

For this purpose, lotteries frequently publish the results with drawing frequencies. For example, frequency of every single number or in occasions where there is too many numbers, they just publish the most frequent and obviously least frequent ones.

By all means, you should first make your own number combination of your lucky or favorite numbers. After that, you can easily check them in the tables and undoubtedly fix them.

Just be sure you don’t check in the ticket before you are overall finished with managing the presently winning combination.

While some people like to engage in research, simultaneously, others simply do not want to or don’t have the time. In that case, there is also one surprisingly simple solution.

That is random number generator, or the quick pick option. As shown above, it makes the best results in making the most random combination possible.

After all, the decision is surely all up to you but just in case you decide to do the research we offer more solutions.

Statistics and systems to use

At this point, we stated everything about picking the single number, but there is another option available and highly recommended. That is concentrating on the whole group of numbers instead just on one single number.

Given that, you should watch for odd and even numbers in the combination. Most important, keep within the rules 2/3 or 3/2. To reprhase it, that means choosing two odd numbers and three even ones or opposite.

To point out, statistics say that combination made out of all even or all odd numbers had been drawn only in about 3% of the time. On the other hand, combination of the both is drawn 65% of the time.

Together with ball frequency it makes for a great system to use for winning the game.

Now that said, there is one more thing that could increase the odds of winning, and that is buying more tickets. By all means covering more combinations would statistically increase your odds of getting the jackpot.

However, it would mean grater expense but there is an option of sharing the costs with your friends of family members. Important to realize, that would mean also sharing the prize so that is obviously something to think about.

After all, whatever you decide to choose still makes lotto predictions for a fun game with undoubtedly generous results.

Lotto games prizes

As can be seen, Lottomania offers many different lottery games which are popular all across the world. With attention to the most popular games, the site had collected a wide range of beloved games altogether. That said, you surely won’t be withheld for anything.

In order to get access to play the games, all you need to do is go through a quick registration. After that, you can straightaway get access to Powerball results and payouts, south african lotto results and yesterday lotto results with no effort.

Undoubtedly all the games are equally fun to play, but there are obviously important differences between them. Generally, the odds of winning every game are certainly pretty much the same. But it is still important to clarify the differences.

For example, starting from the ones with much greater prizes to the ones with much lower ones and then there is also the number of balls.

Lottery games with higher prizes

So far, Mega Millions is undoubtedly in the lead with the main prize of € 264 million. However, the amount of jackpot depends on whether was it won and how many rollovers were there.

If the jackpot was won, in that case, the game goes to it’s starting position, which is € 40 million for Mega Millions. Additionally, in this game with every rollover, the jackpot grows for another € 5 million.

Following Mega Millions, afterwards comes the Powerball. To demonstrate, the details are in the table;

Lottery GameEstimated Jackpot
Mega Millions€ 264 millions
Powerball€ 192 millions
SuperEnalotto€ 149 millions
Eurojackpot€ 90 millions
La Primitiva € 22 millions
French lotto€ 18 millions
Euro Millions€ 17 millions
Saturday lotto € 13 millions

Lottery games with lower prizes

Although these lotteries have lower prizes, as noted before, those amounts are known to increase and decrease based on winnings. For example, El Gordo Lottery on April 7, 2019, had one winner of the Jackpot who took the prize of  € 6,717,265.55.

Even more, Polish lotto has the minimum jackpot of overall 2,000,000 PLN, as well as Oz lotto but in different currency, which is something to especially pay attention to.

After that, the estimated jackpot went back to the original € 5 million and grows with every draw for € 400,000 if nobody obviously takes it.

Lottery GameEstimated Jackpot
El Gordo€ 7 millions
UK Lottery€ 7 millions
OZ lotto€ 6 millions
Powerball AU€ 2 millions
Polish lotto € 1 million
Mon & Wed lotto € 0.63 million
Bonoloto€ 0.4 million

Lotto games rules

Certainly, different games bring different rules with them. Together with the number of balls you pick to play to the number of balls that are possible to be drawn.

On the positive side, there is surely not much alteration with odds of winning certain games. Unduobtedly, no matter how many players play the game, your presently odds stay exactly the same.

Therefore, winning the game depends just on you and your numbers balanced against the altogether number of possible combinations.

Nevertheless, it does sound certainly scary but overall there were many winners in these games. Even more, besides the jackpot there are surprisingly many other prizes going from millions all down to a few bucks.

Together with good luck, we wish you to make use of this news for getting better and better results. As a result, hopefully, you will manage to match the numbers and win the Jackpot.

Lottery games with just main numbers

First of all, to clarify that here we are going to write about the games which have only the main numbers. That is, for example, BonoLoto, where you pick only 6 numbers and there are no additional numbers you choose from 1 to 10 or 1 to 20.

Besides BonoLoto where you pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49, there is Mon & Wed lotto where you also pick just 6 main numbers, but from 1 to 45. In like manner, the Polish lotto applies the exact same way as Bonoloto.

Balanced against these, Oz lotto requires picking 7 numbers from 1 to 45. After that, the Uk lottery has numbers ranging from 1 to 59 and you choose 6 numbers.

In contrast, El Gordo has the least numbers in combination and that is 5, choosing from a 1 to 54 list. Together with the ones as shown above, Saturday lotto has 6 numbers in combination which you choose from 1 to 45.

At the same time, La Primitiva has the same principle of 6 numbers which you pick from 1 to 49 list. In another case, SuperEnalotto has the biggest number of possible balls ranging from 1 to 90 and you choose six numbers to make the winning combination.

Games with additional numbers

Starting with the game that presently holds the highest jackpot, Mega Millions require choosing 5 main numbers from 1 to 70 and additionally, one number from 1 to 25.

Even though this may seem extremly difficult to match, these kind of games often offer many more prizes. And not to mention the additional numbers who generally save the players from not getting the prize.

Afterwards comes the Powerball with 5 main numbers from 1 to 69 and additionally one more number which is chosen from 1 to 26.

In the same fashion like those two before, Eurojackpot also requires 5 main numbers, but the balls are ranging from 1 to 50. Aditionally, there are two more numbers from 1 to 10.

Following eurojackpot, French lotto has the same rules with the only difference that main numbers are chosen from 1 to 49. Furthermore, Euro Millions also follow the same scheme. Besides the fact that additional numbers are chosen from 1 to 12, everything is the same as in eurojackpot.

The only one left was Australian Powerball in which you choose 7 numbers from 1 to 35 and additionally just one more number from 1 to 20.