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Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
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How to Play EuroMillions Lottery

Have you heard of EuroMillions? In case didn’t know, it is a popular European lottery game that offers high prizes.

European people love this lottery game. Currently, nine European countries are active in this lotto game. Draws are on Tuesdays and Fridays in the evening.

The minimum jackpot amount is €17 million, which can be increased to €90 million. If you want to check the latest Euromillions results click here.

To play this lotto, you must select five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars numbers from 1 to 12. The Lucky Star numbers are drawn from a special drum. In other word,s numbers from 1 to 12 could be selected as the main and as a Lucky Star numbers on the same ticket.

Playing EuroMillions Online

How to play this famous European lottery game online? First of all, signup in Lottomania. The procedure is simple, all you have to do is register. After a free registration, check once again that you entered the correct information.

You will get all the important information on your email address. By selecting the option “My tickets” you will know which were the drawn numbers after they are released from the official lottery.

Before selecting the numbers, check the drawing time. If you win an amount under $2,500, the prize money will be transferred to your account. However, for each amount of over $2,500, it is necessary to contact the support team at Lottomania.

Finally, you still have to buy the ticket, which you can find in your account.

Latest EuroMillions Results

Have you ever wondered how to win money playing a lottery game? Each player has their own way, but most of them hold the well-known formula, which is to track the latest results with the most drawn numbers.


3 21 26 41 46 and Lucky Stars 1 and 6


14 24 26 32 39 and Lucky Stars 3 and 8


1 6 13 15 16 and Lucky Stars 6 and 10


9 23 29 41 49 and Lucky Stars 8 and 10


 5 6 16 30 46 and Lucky Stars 5 and 10


22 25 29 33 35 and Lucky Stars 3 and 6


1 19 31 39 48 and Lucky Stars 1 and 6


3 19 22 31 32 and Lucky Stars 2 and 11


7 11 19 27 37 and Lucky Stars 6 and 10


1 8 11 25 28 and Lucky Stars 4 and 6


13 16 34 35 45 and Lucky Stars 10 and 12

The most frequently drawn numbers are 3 1 6 8 10 19 11.

Try to select a combination of numbers with which you will increase the chances of winning the jackpot. Think well before selecting the numbers.

We hope you will guess all the drawn numbers and win a jackpot with a lot of zeros. Good luck!

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