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Minimum lines for this lottery is 2.

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How to play Oz Lotto

You are interested in playing a lottery and want to know how to play Oz Lotto? Therefore it’s time to find out some useful information that will help you with it.

It is a popular Australian lottery game that offers a huge jackpot. The game exists over 20 years and every time more and more players want to try their luck.

Draws are every Tuesday night. For instance, if you want to play it is necessary to select 9 numbers between 1 and 45.

The first seven balls are winning numbers while the last two numbers are supplementary.

To win Division 1, you should guess 7 numbers. The results are available at about 9:00 PM (AEST).

As each player can choose between 8 and 20 numbers, there are bigger chances to win several prizes.

Finally, divisions for each game are updated after the draw and available in the morning after the draw.

Online playing on Lottomania

You like Oz Lotto and you want to see if you have enough luck? You can also play this game online through Lottomania.

Online playing is the best way to win a lot of money for a short time.

Therefore you can buy tickets at your home and think peacefully about the winning numbers.

After you register for free, you decide which numbers to choose. You can do it yourself or you will leave it all to the QuickPick options.

QuickPick will randomly select the numbers for you.

When you have selected the numbers only you can do is wait for the draw. In your account, you can see the tickets you have purchased.

By selecting “My tickets” you will see the draw results after being posted by the official lottery.

If you win over $ 2,500, you need to contact the support team at Lottomania.

You will probably have to fill a few more conditions. However, if you win up to $ 2,500, the money will be transferred to your account.

All important game-related information will be delivered to your email. For all other questions, you can always contact our support team that will answer you as soon as possible.

Tips for winning the Oz Lotto

This game provides a minimum division of $ 1 to $ 2 million prize pool. You can win the prize if you only guess three numbers plus another number.

For the jackpot, you should guess all seven numbers. If there is no winner, the money will be transferred for the next draw.

You can win a jackpot in several ways. The first thing to consider is how to choose the numbers.

If you have decided to do it yourself without QuickPick, consider choosing a winning combination.

It may help you to find out the latest OZ lotto results. If you see the last few drawings you will notice that some numbers are repeated.

Who knows maybe this tactic brings you a lot of money.

Some players will combine numbers from a date which is important to them. Whether it is an anniversary of marriage or perhaps the birth of a child.

Don’t forget to include numbers from 1 to 45, because without that you will not succeed.

Clearly, there is no single formula with which you will increase the chances of winning. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put some effort.

It is important that you pick the numbers on time and hope for the best. In the end, you have nothing to lose.

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