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How to play Saturday Lotto game

Saturday Lotto gives you every week the opportunity to become a millionaire. In addition to $ 4 million in Division 1, there are Superdraws with a prize of over $ 20 million.

Each Saturday night numbers between 1 and 45 8 balls are drawn. Unlike the last two numbers that are considered supplementary, the first six are the winning numbers.

First you have to consider how to choose numbers. You can choose them from 1 to 45 and also between numbers 7 and 20.

To win division 1, you need to guess 6 numbers in one game. Every Saturday there are several awards.

QuickPick is for those who don’t have a problem with random numbers. Beacuse this is one of the easiest ways, it doesn’t require much of your time.

Saturday Lotto game tips

Therefore if you like to have more control, it’s best to choose the numbers you think might be drawn. You can put a few numbers on the side that you will mark as favorites and use it for the next time.

In the end you can win a prize with one or at least two winning numbers and two additional numbers. You can also win the main prize for which you need to guess 6 numbers.

Finally the draw is every Saturday night about 7:30 AEST.