Euromillions Results

Estimated jackpot: €76,000,000


Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
5+ 2
Winners:  0 Payout per winner:   €0.00
Prize #2 II Match
5+ 1
Winners:  5 Payout per winner:   €123,979.00
Prize #3 III Match
5+ 0
Winners:  3 Payout per winner:   €48,293.20
Prize #4 IV Match
4+ 2
Winners:  21 Payout per winner:   €2,148.80
Prize #5 V Match
4+ 1
Winners:  600 Payout per winner:   €138.50
Prize #6 VI Match
3+ 2
Winners:  1,285 Payout per winner:   €68.30
Prize #7 VII Match
4+ 0
Winners:  1,443 Payout per winner:   €42.70
Prize #8 VIII Match
2+ 2
Winners:  20,023 Payout per winner:   €15.40
Prize #9 IX Match
3+ 1
Winners:  27,225 Payout per winner:   €12.60
Prize #10 X Match
3+ 0
Winners:  64,322 Payout per winner:   €9.90
Prize #11 XI Match
1+ 2
Winners:  107,403 Payout per winner:   €7.20
Prize #12 XII Match
2+ 1
Winners:  404,454 Payout per winner:   €6.00
Prize #13 XIII Match
2+ 0
Winners:  944,456 Payout per winner:   €4.10
Total Sum: Total Winners:  1,571,240 Total Prize:   €9,402,853.20

In case you are wondering about the latest Euromillions Results, you can find them here straightaway, at any time.

Given that, you can see the last results of the Euromillions no matter where you are or what time it is.

For that reason you can follow presently numbers of your favourite lottery with no worries about store being closed or anything in like manner.

Given these points, following your Euromillions Results can surely help you to increase your overall chances of winning the jackpot.

Further in the text, we will surely explain how and will explain how different commonly used systems for number generating work.

In any case, keep following the presently news and know what are the euromillions results today.

What are the Latest Euromillions Results

As shown above, knowing your favourite game’s results can surely help you to finally make your undeniably winning combination.

In order to approach the results, you just have to open the page. Firstly, in the right corner, you can see all the drawings accordingly to the dates of occurrence.

On the whole, you can easily find out which are the presently most popular Euromillion numbers and that way surely increase your chances.

In case you wonder ” how much I made on the Euromillion”, this is the answer.

That is throughout the steps to make the best overall combinations and get much closer to the presently jackpot.

Most important is to be persistent with the overall game altogether. And in general, find the perfect combination that will increase your chances.

Of course, in like manner do your research and don’t give up after the very first try.

Sooner or later you have to win in case you are playing frequently.

Why are the Latest Euromillions results useful?

In any case, while making your perfect winning combination, above all, you should know where euromilhoes came out.

At the same time, get into euromillions results past and check all you need to know in order to get your correspondingly golden ticket.

For this purpose, the last euromillion results are available to show you how many times are the previously numbers drawn.

In like manner, you can also generally see how long ago were those numbers are drawn and similar.

Not to mention the detailed list of numbers which are overall most common. And in addition to that, the ones which are overall less common.

Must be remembered that statistically at the beginning of the drawing every number has the same overall chance to be drawn. However, some numbers in contrast to that still get drawn more frequently.

In the hope that you will get the best results, we bring more about that subject further in the following text.

How to use euromilhoes results

First, you want to inform yourself about the last drawings and obviously, overall drawing frequencies.

Of course, you are firstly wondering which are the presently most popular numbers in euromilhoes.

But most important is to focus on presently systems and techniques about which we will speak a little bit later of, further in the text.

Given these points, watch for most commonly drawn numbers. By all means, you can use frequencies from the past 4 weeks altogether with the ones from the past year altogether.

In any case, it is important to be following the ones that are drawn more frequently in contrast to other numbers.

However, you can also track some patterns throughout the overall game and discover some systems additionally to the existing presently ones.

On the positive side, Lottomania offers a wide range of data. For that reason you can generally see everything you need to engage in the game.

And as a result, obviously make a good presently combination.

For that reason, just bring your phone and you can otherwise approach your favourite games at any time you want.

How to play with Euromillions Results

In order to play your favourite game, you need to go through a quick registration on Lottomania and you can straightaway approach to your favourite games.

In addition, you can find presently instructions for how to play which game. Additionally, you can also find more info in the overall euromillions results database.

Now that you can presently approach to all of the indeed needed data over the phone, playing the game is obviously much more convenient.

That is to say, you can play while travelling or waiting for a bus. With this in mind, you can fulfil your overall time while waiting.

To sum up, playing Euromillions is very simple. Correspondingly with other games, the rules are all moreover the same but differ in the number of balls altogether.

The first thing to remember is that while choosing the presently ticket you will also see straightaway how many overall numbers can you choose.

Euromillions results how to play

To begin with, in order to play the game you need to pick 5 main number from 1 to 50.

In addition to that, choose two lucky star numbers from 1 to 12.

To clarify, those numbers you pick additionally are the ones which increase your overall chances of winning the presently prize.

Above all, many players have said that those numbers had markedly increased their overall chances of winning the game.

After that, everything is very simple, you generally place your ticket and straightaway purchase it online.

In like manner, you can check the previously euromillions drawing results at any time you want in order to straightaway know if you won.

Simultaneously, the overall site is very easy for use. So for that reason, you can easily see where you can otherwise place the tickets and rest.

How to check euromillions results

In like manner you can also check your presently results in order to straightaway find out did you win or not.

First, you can check it manually by just going through your presently ticket and going overall number by number through the ticket.

In case you choose that method, by all means, be careful and check it twice so you don’t miss any numbers and miss out on your presently prize altogether.

Now that said, there is also an option of typing in your numbers and the results of your search will straightaway come up.

That is the euromillions results prize checker and you can find it on all official lottery sites and lottomania altogether.

Of course, it is best to check the presently numbers in both ways just to be sure in your last overall drawing results.

In any case, just make sure that you checked your results thourghoutly and don’t miss even one number.

Altogether there is 13 prize tiers so even if you wonder ” euromilhoes when I won 2 numbers” you still might get a prize.

When are Euromillions Results announced?

Surely, you are wondering „What time is the Euromilhoes draw?” To be exact, the drawings are held every tuesday and friday.

In any case, try to follow euromillions results live in order to surely know in case you won.

After that, when are euromillions results announced, you can straightaway check them on the site.

Even more, must be remembered that euromillions results draw time is at 6:30 p.m. by Coordinated Universal time (UTC).

So, by all means, check what time of the euromilhoes is that in your country as both drawings are likewise at the same time but happening on a different day.

In case you miss a drawing, you know you can surely see the results euromillions any time you want to.

Correspondingly to the subject, check out the latest news about euromillions results in the text below.

What were the euromillions results on tuesday

As shown above, you can check all of the presently results in the overall pieces of information and presently news on Lottomania.

But, however, in like manner, we will say something more about overall results in euromilions results on tuesday.

Must be remembered that the drawing time occurs in the 6:30 p.m. by Coordinated Universal time or UTC.

After all, there was no winner of the jackpot for the last tuesday eurojackpot drawing on May 21st.

In like manner, there was also no winner for the second prize. But, however, there were four winners for the third prize.

On account of those winners, they got overall of € 239,866.17. That is the payout per player, not altogether.

Going further down the list, there are obviously more and more overall winners, altogether 1.139.762 of them.

In addition to that, we also need to state that overall given amount is € 10.242.059,76 to all the players altogether.

What were the euromillions results on friday

In like manner, you also must be wondering what were the euromillions results on friday.

To begin with, on friday, May 24, there were also no winners for the jackpot. But, however, there were multiple winners for the second prize.

Altogether there were 6 winners for that second prize and after that, 10 winners for the third prize.

In detail, the winners of the second prize took overall of € 179.790,91. After that, the winners of the third prize have won € 25.125,21.

Accordingly by going down the list numbers of winners also increase. In order to view that in detail, just check in the data on the site.

Especially important to say is that all these amounts players won are shown explicitly as the amounts won by a single player, not altogether.

Given these points, just be persistent with your combinations and prepare yourself for the great prizes.

Euromillions Results history

So long as you follow the euromillions results history you won’t have any problems with making your gold winning combination.

For that reason don’t miss any additional news about your favourite games, as they might overall carry new pieces of information that can prove useful.

Even more of euromillions numbers lotto is that you can track your favourite game’s results pretty far.

So for that reason, you can do your own research on number frequencies and be absolutely sure that they are evidently legit.

In any case, no matter which way you choose for your number search, it is surely the best to rely on the overall statistics.

However, you can surely rely on just your luck or your special lucky numbers.

Euromillions results and prizes

To begin with, all of the players are surely here in the first place, because of the jackpot.

At this point, euromillions results estimated jackpot has risen to the amount of € 57,000,000. That is because nobody matched all of the numbers in the drawings that occurred previously.

In like manner, that is also the average amount of jackpot. Another key point, the highest amount ever was € 190,000,000.00.

In contrast to that, the lowest amount of jackpot was € 17,000,000.00. After that, the average amount for the second prize is € 395,200.89.

Then again, in the third place, the average amount is evidently € 64,058.76. After that, in the fourth place, there is an average prize of € 3,479.57.

In case you miss one main number and additionally, one lucky star, you will still get your share.

So, in like manner the fifth prize is on average around € 170.50 but at the same time keep in mind that it can be higher.

Of course, in case you miss even more numbers, you will still get your share of the prize as there are 13 prize tiers.

Euromillions results and winners

Above all, there are 0.2 of the average winners of the jackpot prize in every draw. After that, for the second prize, there are evidently 3.6 winners per drawing.

In the third place, there are 8.3 players who win in every draw. In like manner, for the fourth place, the number is 42.

After that, coming down to a fifth place where per drawing, there is estimated to be 836 winners overall.

Afterwards, in the sixth place, there is an estimated overall of 1.835 of players. Moreover, after that, there are 1.890 of players who on average take that presently prize.

Certainly, while going down the ladder the number of players who win on average is increasing. So, consequently, for the eighth place, it is 26.258 of players.

Finally, coming down to the last prize tier there are 1,161,813 of players which on average, certainly match the numbers.

So, consequently, that shows that overall chances are not that small to win after all.

Euromillions results and statistics

Given that euromillions results explained are just, in general, the overall statistic of the previous drawings that can be used accordingly to get better results.

Important to realize is that you need to use the right ways to generate your presently numbers.

For example, there are certain systems which can surely rise up your odds.

In like manner, the overall statistics say that there are surely some combinations that get drawn more frequently than others.

By all means, you can do your own research. Or even more, systems, in general, that will surely increase the chances.

However, firstly we will start with some statistics about euromillions results and go in detail about it.

What are the chances to win euromillions?

To begin with, the odds of winning the main prize, obviously the jackpot, are 1 in 139,838,160. Surely it sounds like matching that one exact combination among so many seems impossible.

But, however, many players so far had enough of luck to match all of the numbers and win that jackpot.

Certainly, the second prize is won much more frequently than the jackpot as the chances are 1 in 6,991,908.

After that, in the third place, the chances are 1 in 3,107,515. Afterwards, in fourth place, the chances are overall of 1 in 621,503.

Following comes the fifth prize that is won much more frequently as the chances of winning it are 1 in 31,075.

Together with the help of many prize tiers, the overall chances of winning any prize are 1 in 13.

For that reason, you should hurry up and get your presently ticket so you don’t miss a draw.

How to increase the chances?

In order to increase your overall chances to win any prize at all, you need to surely do the research for numbers that come out most in the Euromillion.

Above all, it is important to find the right strategy to be able to raise the odds. For that reason follow only the ones that obviously make sense to you.

In addition to that, there are certain patterns that happen more frequently in the game than any other.

For example, that is a combination of odd and even numbers. In detail, that is the scheme of 2/3 or 3/2 which means 2 odd numbers and 3 even or opposite.

Furthermore, that combination was drawn overall of 65% of the time, more than any other that is possible.

In contrast to that, the combinations with only odd or even numbers are drawn only around 3% of the time.

Obviously, the rest of the percentage is about ¼ which means 1 odd and 4 even numbers or opposite.

In any case, you can choose for yourself which type of combination will you pick, we just state the evidently statistics.

How to win with Euromillions Results

First of all, everyone obviously plays to win besides the fun part of the overall game.

By all means, thanks to great chances to win euromillions, you can easily get to the jackpot by being accordingly persistent with the game.

Even more, there are some other ways that can increase your chances and help you win the presently jackpot.

The first thing to remember that there are many pieces of advice going around the internet but at the same time you should keep among the ones that make sense to you.

For that reason, we will bring up the most commonly used systems and strategies.

Of course, in order to help you with choosing the best overall combination.

In the hope that the future winners is reading this, we bring useful information in detail, in the text below.

Most outgoing numbers in the Euromillion

To begin with, it is obviously important to firstly choose single numbers in a combination and after that, you can finally focus on the entire thing.

In order to start with this technique, you need to find the euromillions results most common numbers.

To clarify, just see which numbers happened to be drawn more frequently overall and are most popular numbers in euromilhoes.

Firstly, see the results for the past 4 weeks, then check the past month and so on. In addition, this will help you to see different patterns in the number of drawings.

For that reason, just choose the numbers which seem most reliable to you. In any case, write down a few numbers more.

Afterwards, while setting up the entire combination, this will prevent wasting time in case you reconsider some of the presently numbers.

While these systems are more focused on main numbers, you can still use them for the euromillions results lucky stars additionally.

Given these points, you probably already chose a few more of the most popular numbers in the Euromillions than needed and are ready for the next step.

Manage entire combination at once

At this point, it is time to focus on the entire combination and patterns that overall come across frequently.

Nonetheless, the right combination is what gets you prizes, not just the most popular Euromillion numbers.

For that reason, many players have much interest in finding common patterns. For example, one of those patterns is 2/3 or 3/2.

That is 2 odd numbers and 3 even in one combination or opposite. Undeniably, that kind of combinations has been drawn overall of 65% of the time.

While those combinations surely are of high probability, in contrast to that, the combinations of all odd or even numbers are obviously in a different situation.

In any case, those kinds of combinations have been drawn only for about 3% of all time altogether.

Being that, the combinations of 1 odd and 4 even numbers or otherwise opposite are drawn about 32% of the time.

To sum up, the best would be to pick the one with higher probability and stick with the presently combination.

Euromillions Results winners

Of course, everyone wants to be one of the euromillions results jackpot winner. However, not all of the players are persistent enough.

By all means, you have to persistent with your combinations. In addition to that, it is also important to increase your overall chances.

Sooner or later you will win if you play frequently and follow the euromillions results breakdown.

However, nobody prepares themselves for the possibility of winning. Obviously, the smart move is to ask yourself “i won the euromilhoes what to do”.

Given that, you can start thinking rationally about your presently situation.

Even more, nobody thinks through what to do with the money and how to manage such a huge amount and that simultaneously creates problems.

Equally important as preparing the ticket for the draw is preparing yourself for the picking up your prize.

Obviously, this is valid in case you win large amounts. In any case, winning small amounts don’t leave you space for irrational decisions and uncontrollable spending.

For that reason, we bring few tips for future or presently milionaries.

Be careful while managing the money

In any case, you should watch what are you spending your money. By all means, try to calculate for how long will the amount last in case you are spending a certain amount every time.

In case you want to be sure you won’t spend too much, there is one option to additionally consider.

That is the option of taking the amount in the annuity, the yearly payout. In detail, that is your amount split on a certain number of years and given to you trough yearly payouts.

In addition, your yearly income from the lottery will grow for approximately 5% every following year.

In general, it depends on you and your presently needs and mindset. That is to say, those are just some of the options available.

At the same time, the best would be to hire a trustworthy financial advisor who will surely make you the best plan accordingly to your needs.

Be careful with your personal information

Straightaway after people win the lottery, they surely have the need to tell all their family and friends and boast about it.

However, that is not the smartest idea. As a result, there soon comes the flow of regret when all of those people spread the word around.

In addition, some of them even might feel like they should get a share of your jackpot and such.

For that reason, it is important to be careful to whom will you tell about the winning and will you tell the exact amount to anyone at all.

At the same time, do not publish your name or picture. By the time everything settles down, it might put you in overall danger.

Important to realize is that it might even put your family in danger. For that reason, be very careful to who you give out your personal pieces of information.

In case you wish to make a statement, you can do so surely in an anonymous way.

Euromillions Results winners by country

Important to realize is that the lottery games are just simply more popular in some countries while simultaneously in others are not.

For that reason, there are more winners in general in some countries and at the same time less in others.

At the present time, euromillions results from winner country with the highest percentage in France.

In any case, don’t miss a draw as you can euromillions results watch online.

Likewise, if you don’t know when is the draw of euromillions results, look in the text above.

Given these points, don’t get discouraged when you see in which country the last Euromilhoes came out.

At the same time, they also have many more players so the chances are obviously on their side.

Countries with many overall winners

While speaking of altogether winners of any prize, euromillions results france are on the top of countries that play euromilhoes.

At the present time, France has 23.9% of all winnings. That is overall of 637,306,839 of people who won prizes.

In the second place, there are euromillions results uk which has 585,000,312 and stands at 21.9%.

In the third place, there are the euromillions results spain with 520,313,104 of winners keep the 19.5% of the group.

After that, we have the euromillions results portugal which hold 15% of altogether winnings. That is 398,800,126 of players altogether.

Furthermore, the euromillions results belgium are on 6.7% and have 179,204,625.

Afterwards, euromillions results luxemburg and the euromillions results sweden have the same number of winners. That is 165,814,344 of players and simultaneously they are at 6.2%.

To sum up, the rest of the percentage is taken over the euromillions results ireland and euromillions results austria.

Countries with most jackpot winners

At this point, you are probably wondering “in which country did the euromilhoes leave?”.

To begin with, France and Spain are sharing the first place with 89 winners of the jackpot.

In second place, there is euromilions uk results with 77 of jackpot winners. Afterwards comes the portugal with 69.

After that, the Belgium has 33 and Switzerland 18 of jackpot winners altogether.

Following comes the Austria with 16, then the Ireland with 14 and last, Luxembourg with 2.

That is 407 jackpot winners all together. By all means, you can also in like manner find the results for every prize tier by countries.

Due to some countries having more winners than others, some people get discouraged and think that they will never win because of the country of their residency.

However, that is not true but just depends on how popular is the overall game in your country.

For the reason that there are much more players in some countries, there is also much more of the overall winners altogether.