France Lotto Results

Estimated jackpot: €4,000,000
French Lotto

French Lotto

Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
5+ 1
Winners:  0 Payout per winner:   €0.00
Prize #2 II Match
5+ 0
Winners:  5 Payout per winner:   €32,377.30
Prize #3 III Match
4+ 1
Winners:  84 Payout per winner:   €470.30
Prize #4 IV Match
4+ 0
Winners:  586 Payout per winner:   €243.10
Prize #5 V Match
3+ 1
Winners:  3,502 Payout per winner:   €24.30
Prize #6 VI Match
3+ 0
Winners:  21,526 Payout per winner:   €14.20
Prize #7 VII Match
2+ 1
Winners:  39,603 Payout per winner:   €6.00
Prize #8 VIII Match
2+ 0
Winners:  265,797 Payout per winner:   €3.50
Prize #9 IX Match
0+ 1
Winners:  380,659 Payout per winner:   €2.20
Total Sum: Total Winners:  711,762 Total Prize:   €2,739,973.40

Check your latest France Lotto Results right here, on Lottomania, and find out what prize belongs to you.

According to the beginnings of the France lotto, it was signed on July 13, 1975, by a decree of Prime Minister Jacques Chirac.

In general, at that time the Lottery was legal “a complementary draw of the National Lottery”.

Altogether it was a respond to the need to modernize the National Lottery.

After that, the goal was to increase the financial difficulty and to become more competitive since 1954 all the way to the creation of the tierce.

The first lottery game was held in May 1976, and at first, it wasn’t a game that attracted a lot of followers in France.

However, in contrast to that, nowadays is one of the games that has given more prizes all over the world.

What is France Lotto

As shown above, France lotto results have a long history. Above all, it took a long time for people to moreover get used to the game.

First of all, lottery games were a new idea and like any new idea, it took time for people to get familiar with it altogether.

Nevertheless, it took a long time for people to become familiar with the game.

And in addition, over a decade to make the first jackpot large enough to attract people to play the game at the same time daily.

In general, between 2010 and 2017 over 40 players became rich.

Not to mention, they certainly had the chance to win millionaire awards in the French lottery.

Undeniably, prizes are ranging from 18€ millions all the way to 24 € millions.

In any case, do not lose this amazing opportunity to comparatively win great prizes.

How to play French Lotto

Nowadays, according to the latest data in the french lotto statistics the number of winners is correspondingly growing.

For that reason don’t miss your presently chance to learn how to play and get your overall chance to win those great prizes.

In order to play french lotto, you have to pick 5 numbers in group of main numbers from 1 to 49.

Afterwards, you additionally choose one more number from group that ranges from 1 to 10.

In general, that is all you have to do. However, you should surely invest some time in the numbers you choose.

For that reason, french lotto statistics will help you. In addition, you will also find france lotto common triplets.

Given that, you can also check french lotto results in history. Surely, that will help you to make the best overall combination altogether.

Who can play?

Most important, you can surely play in case you are over 16 years old.

Above all, you can play a series of games with the same number accordingly for 5 consecutive draws in a row.

Correspondingly, it is also very popular to choose 10 numbers and create 210 different lines of presently lottery numbers.

Moreover, that is called Simple Jeu and is a fantastic twist on the usual style of lottery betting.

In order to play the french lotto, all you need to do is go through a quick registration on Lottomania.

After that, you can simply have access to all the presently information you need. In addition to that, you can also see the last news.

Not to mention, by using Lottomania, you can simultaneously play from any country on the world.

In case you go on a vacation in a different country or even further, you can still certainly play your favourite game online in any case.

At the present time, any player from any country can participate in french lotto and purchase the ticket afterwards.

Moreover, all you need to basically have is a phone, laptop, tablet or computer and certainly internet connection.

What are the latest france lotto results?

Above all, in case you are following france lotto live, you already certainly know what are the france lotto latest results.

However, in case you missed the presently drawing, we will correspondingly bring the results to you.

At the same time, you can check france lotto results for today, france lotto results for yesterday and even france lotto results history.

Particularly those pieces of information will surely help you to make the best combination and win in this lottery game altogether.

In any case, the France lotto results are published consequently right after the draw. By the same token, you can see them on Lottomania.

As shown above, in the last drawing there were no jackpot winners altogether. Important to realize is that this means an upcoming rollover.

Why are France Lotto Results useful?

By all means, every drawing is important for players, even the ones they didn’t before participate in.

At this point, the information about the most common numbers is otherwise available on many online platforms.

In like manner, france lotto statistics shows that those numbers are very important and will surely increase your chances of winning.

In any case, following overall french lotto results will help you to get the right winning combination and win presently jackpot.

Even more, it will surely show you further different patterns in the overall drawn combinations.

In the long run that will help you to increase your overall chances and get better in the making combinations and predicting the numbers.

France Lotto Results history

Important to realize is that in that data you can find france lotto common pairs and important pieces of information likewise.

Seeing that, at the same time you might comparatively catch some pattern that occasionally repeats.

That is very important and certainly will help you to increase your chances of winning the jackpot altogether.

In like manner, you can surely find previously published drawings on lottomania and see the overall details.

At the same time, you can see the number of players who won and explicitly the exact amount they won.

Most important is to follow the drawings and in case you miss them, certainly follow the latest published results.

France Lotto Results generator

For the purpose of helping players who don’t have much time, at this point, there is france lotto results generator.

In other words, france lotto results quick pick. Basically, it makes the best random combination of numbers.

Above all, it saves time as it altogether requires only a click of a button.

In contrast to long researches, this is also a great option you can use in case you contrarily don’t have time.

Given these points, it is a great alternative altogether for research and making your combination from scratch.

France Lotto Results quick pick

In case you don’t have time, you can surely just use that option in france lotto.

Nonetheless, it requires just a click of a button. While going for online ticket purchase, you will clearly see an option called ‘quick pick’.

Important to realize is that this option will certainly automatically make the best random combination.

That is the most random combination. Being that, not every player wants to take turn in that way.

In general, not every player will believe in such a system. Unquestionably, some had not so great experiences.

However, in contrast, many players also claim that it helped them to win many prizes.

France Lotto Results and predictions

At the same time, you can find different online predictions for french lotto numbers.

While making your combination those can surely help you and save you some time for research.

Moreover, you can also make your own predictions by using the available informations.

By all means, make yourself sure in the infomations you are using so you can get the best results.

Nonetheless this way you will surely win sooner or later. Prepare yourself because great prizes are coming.

What time France Lotto Results comes out?

In case you don’t already know when the france lotto draw time is, you can surely find out on Lottomania.

Likewise, france lotto results come out every monday, wednesday and saturday at 6:35 p.m.

That is by coordinated universal time or UTC. By all means, inform yourself what time that is in your area.

Most important, know what time that is in your time zone and prepare yourself for the drawing live.

However, in case you miss the previously drawing, you can always see the results later.

When can I see the France lotto results?

Above all, the results of every france lotto drawing are published immediately after the draw.

So, straightaway after the draw occurred, you can already see all the details about the drawing.

Altogether the numbers which were the winning combination and prizes.

Together with the number of players and explicitly exact amounts of prizes they won.

Correspondingly to the numbers you matched in the draw, you can see which prize consequently belongs to you.

Don’t forget to follow the results altogether not to miss the draw. And, surely, in addition to that, not to certainly miss your prize.

How many prizes are there in france lotto?

As can be seen, the france lotto has 9 prize tiers. That is surely increasing your chances of winning the prize.

Not to mention, the probability that you will win at least any prize is much higher.

In case you win the last prize, you should certainly not be dissapointed as that basically like winning a free ticket.

In any case, you can use that money to play in the following drawing and get even bigger prizes.

Because the probability of winning is much greater, so is the interest of overall players for the game altogether.

Comparatively to the increased interest of large number of players, the amunts of prizes are subsequently growing.

With this in mind, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the next drawing as you might win evidently bigger prizes.

France lotto results prizes

To begin with, you surely want to know what are the prizes and what is the presently jackpot in the first place.

Given that, the presently estimated jackpot is € 3,000,000. And in addition, as there were no winners in the previously published draw, it will get bigger.

In any case, every time there were no winners of the jackpot prize, you can expect a rollover.

What is rollover? Above all, it is moving the income from ticket sales to the main prize, in case they haven been given to anyone.

That is, if nobody wins a jackpot, the money is automatically transffered to the main prize.

Then again, if the amount hits the jackpot cap, in that case the prize is shared onto the players from second prize tier.

France lotto higer prizes

As can be seen, the current estimated jackpot is € 3.000.000. To clarify, the starting amount is € 2.000.000.

In the second place, the prize is € 100.000 and that is if you match five numbers correctly.

In the third place, the prize is € 1.000. In any case, that is still a great prize that will come in handy.

After that, there is also a € 500. While it may be true that this isn’t as great as the jackpot, it is surely still a great prize.

In case you win any of these prizes you surely won’t be dissapointed in the drawing altogether.

In any case be persistent and you will get to your jackpot sooner or later.

France lotto lower prizes

To begin with, the fifth prize is € 50. After that, following comes the prize of € 20.

Furthermore, there are prizes of € 10 and € 5 all the way down to € 2.20. Surely, those prizes seem not important.

But, however, you should definitely be glad you won at least something. In the first place, you can look at these as free tickets.

Important to realize is that these prizes can get you in more drawings and give you overall abillity to check in more tickets.

Comparatively your chances will get bigger while playing more frequently and you will surely get faster to the jackpot.

For that reason don’t be disappointed with these lower prizes in france lotto results.

France lotto results winners

As has been noted, the amounts of prizes are pretty clear to this end. But, what about winners?

In any case, there are many winners of the french lotto. By all means, france lottery has great chances to win overall.

For that reason this lotto game has become more and more popular altogether among the players all across the europe and even more.

Correspondingly with online lotto giving chances to players all across the world to approach to all kinds of different lotteries, it gathered more fans.

Given these points, don’t miss a drawing as prizes are continuously growing.

In addition to that, the overall chances of winning in this game are higher than many other lotto games.

How many won france lotto results?

Above all, there were no winners for the jackpot. That is when speaking about the drawing on June 3rd.

Important to realize is that there were also no jackpot winners in the drawing published previously so for that reason the jackpot grew.

At the same time you can expect an upcoming rollover. For that reason, prepare your ticket.

However, in contrast to no winners for the jackpot, there are always winners of the second prize in a row.

Altogether there were even 3 winners for the second prize. In the third place, there were even more, 19 winners altogether.

After that, the fourth prize was won by 318 players and fifth by 917 players.

Furthermore, the prize in sixth place was won by 12.493 of players. While coming down the list, the number of winners gets correspondingly bigger.

French lotto statistics

Undoubtedly, at this point it is fairly easy to win any prize at all. Above all, the odds of winning any prize are just 1 in 16!

That is one player who surely wins the prize from group of only 16 players. In any case, those are great odds altogether.

However, in case you aim for the jackpot, the odds are slightly different. In the first place, the odds are 1 in 19,068,840.

But don’t get discouraged because that seems like a such a large number.

Despite the figures, there are still many players who win the jackpot and in the past you can see a large number of people who won it.

Most compelling evidence is that you can see winners in almost every previously drawing.

In case you don’t, that is again a great thing as then you can expect a rollover and the prize just gets bigger while the odds stay the same.

Results from previous drawings

Most important is that on Lottomania you can find french lotto results yesterday, french lotto results saturday night, france lotto results for wednesday and even more.

Undoubtedly, that will help you to get your overall winning combination in case you missed the previously published drawings.

And in addition to that, it will surely help you further to make the presently combination you want to place in the ticket.

Together with france lotto results history you can make great presently combinations and surely win higher prizes.

For that reason, prepare yourself for the next drawing. Don’t miss it because above all, the winning combination might be yours!

France lotto common triplets

First thing to remember is that in order to get france lotto common triplets, you can see the france lotto results for 2018.

Undoubtedly, that will surely help you to get further accurate data. In any case you can also include france lotto results for 2016.

Even more, you can go all the way to the france lotto results for 2013 and include all the drawings altogether.

Simultaneously, you can surely combine those results with more recent ones altogether.

However, the most imporant things is surely that you can reach those results altogether and furthermore get the winning combination.

Presently most common pairs in france lotto are 24 and 45, 22 and 40, 2 and 25 and 41 and 43.

Above all, all of those presently results you can find all over the online lottery platforms.

In addition, you can ensure yourself in that information by checking the previously published drawings.

France lotto results for today

In order to see the results on the day of the drawing, you need to in any case, watch the drawing live.

Or, in case you don’t have the time, you can also wait until the drawing is over because lottomania immediately publishes the french lotto results.

At the same time, you can see all the prize amounts and know what of those prizes surely belongs to you.

Even more, you can check how many players have won which prizes and see if anyone has won the jackpot.

In that case, if you see no jackpot winners, it is the time to prepare yourself for the next drawing because there is an upcoming rollover.

Tips for france lotto winners

Sooner or later you will surely win the jackpot and in the heat of the moment you will surely be confused about what to do.

By all means, every player who is following latest france lotto results and watches france lotto statistics will surely win.

Undoubtedly, you might not win in the first try, but another key point is overall persistence.

For that reason, don’t give up and in every drawing be ready that you certainly might win the jackpot.

I won France lotto, what to do?

Whenever someone wins, the first thing they think about is about luxuries, buying expensive cars and maybe even house.

However, in the first place the smartest move would be to invest that into covering your debts and after that, manage the overall rest of the money.

Surely that many players want to relax for a while, especially if they were in bad financial situation for a long time.

Overall, that is not a bad thing but most people lose control comparatively with spending of it on the small things.

Above all, it is obviously most important to have a clear goal with the money.

Before you even get the money on your account you should have a clear image of what do you want to do with it altogether.

Provided that, compare your previous plans with your presently financial situation and think what is it that you wanted to do before you got the money.

For example, you might have always wanted to go to college or nonetheless buy a car or apartment.

In any case, respect those wishes in case they are rational and you will at the same time consequently make your dreams come true.

Protect your private informations

By all means, you should be careful with the pieces of information you share with others especially in case you won a lot of money.

Even more, that might put you in danger, or even some of your family members or friends.

For that reason be careful to who you talk about your income and moreover anything related to that.

In case you want to share something with other players, you can surely do that by giving anonymous statements.

Moreover, you will be able to be relaxed and not make differences between the family members altogether.

Undoubtedly, there are always some family members or friends who will basically feel like they deserve a piece of that prize for some reason.

For that reason, keep the news about winning france lotto results for yourself or just people you have complete trust in.

How to win France lotto results?

As shown above, france lotto results will be of great help while increasing your presently chances of winning in french lottery.

To begin with, the most important thing you can find in france lotto are france lotto results common pairs.

Above all, those numbers will surely help you to finally get the right winning combination.

Together with france lotto results common pairs, you can also use instead french lotto statistics.

By all means, those are some of the things that will be of great help to you in case you don’t know which numbers to straightaway choose.

Simultaneously with seeing the french lotto results history, you can know which numbers will overall fit the best in your presently combination.

What numbers to choose?

To begin with, you should surely choose the most common drawn numbers.

In addition, you can certainly use france lotto results common pairs.

At any rate, the french lotto most common numbers will surely give you a great start in rising those chances to win the jackpot.

That is because you are using the results of many drawings and statistically speaking, the most drawn numbers still have bigger chances.

For that reason, take a note and put down the numbers altogether that are presently among the most commonly drawn.

Important to realize is that this is only one step and for that reason, put down a few more numbers altogether.

In order to prepare for the next step, just prepare a few numbers additionally with the ones that are presently most common.

Which combination to use?

First of all, the combination of 2/3 or 3/2 is overall the most drawn one.

That is the combination of altogether 2 odd numbers and 3 even or otherwise opposite.

Above all, that combination has been drawn 65% of all time unlike any other combination of numbers.

For example, the combination of other numbers like all odd or all even has been drawn altogether of 3% of the time altogether.

And in addition to that, the rest of the percentage is reserved for the combination of one odd and 4 even numbers or the contrairly opposite.

Certainly, with using the right combination of overall numbers you will surely increase your presently chances of winning any prize.

And not to mention, the chances to win the jackpot altogether.

For that reason, be overall persistent and follow france lotto results in order to keep track of the presently game.

In case you don’t want to do all this research or you don’t have the time, you can surely go for another method altogether.

That is france lotto results quick pick which is available while placing the ticket and is very simple to use.

The france lotto results generator you can correspondingly use by the simple click of a button altogether.

Get ready to win with France lotto results

All things considered, you surely are waiting for your turn to win the french lotto jackpot.

In case you haven’t won yet, you will surely win in the future drawings. That is, of course, in case you are persistent.

To begin with, the most important thing is to keep trying and increase your overall chances.

It would undoubtedly be nice to buy a new car and finally, go on a long-postponed vacation and finally enjoy life.

However, everything in life surely needs a little bit of effort so does lottery game.

Persistence is the key

Above all, persistence is surely the key to winning in the french lottery. By all means, you have to frequently play in order to win.

In case you play occasionally, your chances of winning in the game will also be likewise.

For this purpose, following the latest france lotto results is surely most important.

In any case don’t miss the drawing, whether you watch them on tv or in contrast to that, read later about it on lottomania.

Get ready to win the France Lotto jackpot

While winning is great, you also need to simultaneously think about what to do with the money altogether.

By all means, watch how you manage your amount and be careful not to spend it all in a short period of time.

In the long run, that amount can have great overall impact on your life.

In any case, make great and smart plans for the future and spend money accordingly to that.

Or, in contrast to that, you can also hire a trustworthy financial advisor.

In the hope that the future winners are reading this, we wish you the best of luck in the future drawings.

French Lotto

French Lotto