France Lotto Results

Estimated jackpot: €10,000,000
French Lotto

French Lotto

$12 m
Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
5+ 1
Winners:  0 Payout per winner:   €0.00
Prize #2 II Match
5+ 0
Winners:  0 Payout per winner:   €100,000.00
Prize #3 III Match
4+ 1
Winners:  42 Payout per winner:   €1,000.00
Prize #4 IV Match
4+ 0
Winners:  436 Payout per winner:   €500.00
Prize #5 V Match
3+ 1
Winners:  2,260 Payout per winner:   €50.00
Prize #6 VI Match
3+ 0
Winners:  24,120 Payout per winner:   €20.00
Prize #7 VII Match
2+ 1
Winners:  34,681 Payout per winner:   €10.00
Prize #8 VIII Match
2+ 0
Winners:  387,323 Payout per winner:   €5.00
Prize #9 IX Match
0+ 1
Winners:  509,636 Payout per winner:   €2.20
Total Sum: Total Winners:  958,498 Total Prize:   €4,260,024.20

Have you heard about the latest French Lotto results yesterday?  If you want to play this exciting lottery game, you have to first learn the basic rules and train with the first games but you don’t have to worry, there are easy, challenging and stimulating.

Furthermore, if you are checking the results daily via the official website or the youtube channel either, your chances to win the big next price or the Jackpot will be duplicated. The French lotto  draws are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and the results, prizes, details for each category and the date of the next draw can be checked on this site shortly after the draw that has taken place at 8.30 in the afternoon, Paris, France time (GMT+1)

According to the begginings of the Lottery in France was signed on July 13, 1975 by a decree of Prime Minister Jacques Chirac, the Lottery being legally “a complementary draw of the National Lottery”. It responds to the need to modernize the National Lottery, then in increasing financial difficulty and highly competitive since 1954 by the creation of the tierce. 

The first lottery game was held May 1976, at first it wasn’t a game that attracted a lot of followers in France but nowadays is one of the games that has given more prizes all over the world.

it took a long time for people to become familiar with the game and over a decade to make the first  jackpot large enough to atract people to play the game daily.

Between 2010 and 2017 over 40 players became rich. They had the chance to win millionaire awards in the French lottery.  Prizes ranging from 18€ millions to 24 € millions. Do not lose this amazing oportunity.

Nowadays, according to the latest data in the french lotto statistics the number of game winners is more than EuroMillions, so what are you waiting for to buy a french lotto ticket?

The latest Frech Lotto Results

Do you want to know about the results? On the following summary  players can view both the archive of previous draws and the latest French lottery results. You can see the winning numbers of the most popular lotteries around the world.  Check the table to read the detailed lottery description or buy a ticket from one of the reliable and safe lottery agents. If you are interested, you can see the results of the following popular lotteries in France and other countries: Euromillions and My Million, Loto de France. We wish you good luck in the lottery. Each person that play has the same chance of winning a prize. Let’s start!

Date  Winning Numbers


5, 23, 24, 35, 38 and the bonus number 3. There were 636,137 Winners  in this French Loto draw.  


03, 18, 24, 29, 38 and the bonus number 9. There were 1,043,568 Winners in this draw.


16, 25, 26, 34, 48 and the bonus number 8. There were 635,849 Winners in this draw.


6, 29, 33, 39, 43 and the bonus number 2. There were 512,049 Winners in this draw.


17, 25, 26, 27, 33 and additional number 2. There were 917,362 Winners in this draw.


3, 11, 32, 35, 46 and bonus  number 3. There were 778,757 Winners in this draw.


5, 7, 21, 29, 39 and the bonus number 7. There were 664,507 Winners in this draw.


4, 15, 30, 45, 49 and additional number 3. There were 1,060,918 Winners in this draw.


8, 17, 29, 34, 48 and additional number 3.There were 613,508 Winners in this draw.


17, 32, 38, 40, 44 and the bonus number 6. There were 431,203 Winners in this draw


1, 9, 17, 24, 46 and the bonus number 8.

Play french lotto online

With more than 4.4 million winners so far, many people search around the Internet to play the French Lotto online. As there is a draw on Wednesdays and Saturdays, there are two possibilities of the magnificent jackpot prize. And, as the prize starts with 2 million euros and increases quickly, there is a lot of money at stake for so little investment.
The great thing about playing the French Lotto online is that you can set up a regular subscription so you never miss a draw. Imagine if you forget to buy your ticket one week and your favourite numbers come out that day? That never happens with an online subscription.

To win the French lottery, you must match 5 numbers and the Opportunity number, which is 1-10. The main balls are from 1 to 49. In total, there could be a 19 million chance of winning the jackpot, but there have been many winners in the past worth trying. La Francaise des Jeux is the organization behind the lottery and since 1976, the lottery has been making people millionaires over and over again.

French lotto ticket

You can play If you are over 16 years old. You can play a series of games with the same number for 5 consecutive draws in a row. It is also very popular to choose 10 numbers and create 210 different lines of lottery numbers. This is called Simple Jeu and is a fantastic twist on the usual style of lottery betting.

To play the French Lotto online through RedFoxLotto, create an account now, register yourself, sign in and participate in the millions drawings whenever you want.

Other way is that the lottery is shown on French television at 8:40 pm during the two days and if you win more than 500 euros you must collect the money in person. If you win less than 500 euros you can get the money at any lottery store or distributor. In order to claim the prize, winners have 70 days to do so. This means that if you lose your ticket you will not be eligible to receive the prize, but of course this does not happen when playing the French Lottery online, as the tickets are delivered electronically. If you win one of the prizes, you don’t have to pay taxes on your winnings. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to be a French national or european to play and win the game. Does not matter in what part of the world you are playing you can win the French lotto Jackpot.

Whether you match the  number, with two, three, four, five and the chance number, you can consider yourself a winner of the French Lotto. As with all lotteries, the money you invest is so low, but the prizes are so high. If you want to give yourself the luxury of travel around the world, buy a new home, pay off your family’s mortgages, spend on a trip to Asia, The States or some exotic place and ride in luxury cars, then your chance is to play the French Lotto online. Makes your dream come true.

Play French lotto and maximise your chances to win

French lotto number frequency

For example, it is clear that you can increase your chances of winning a large amount of money if you are persistent enough and decide to keep up with the latest information about this lottery game.

It is your decision if you will keep track of the results for months or most likely read the results of the official lottery. If you have time, it is important to review the results for a long period time. You will discover a larger sample of repeating numbers. There are profesional people that dedicate an usual work shift to investigate the records of winning numbers.

Please, find below a resume with the number frequency in the last two months.

Number Frequency Table -France Lotto.
44 161 21
45 161 16
46 161 23
47 153 41

Most common French Lotto Numbers

Do you want to know which are the most usual numbers in the Lottery Game?

The easiest way to do it is checking the official lottery website. Saving time and discovering the most common numbers is a must to play and have more chances to win the big Jackpot.    

After a deep research, professionals of the gaming industry studying the latest records. This have shown the usual numbers that appear in the drawns. There are the following ones:

The most common set is 3 numbers drawn is 1, 15, 24. This triplet has won 6 times. Other popular triplets from France Loto are numbers 1, 3 and 49, 10, 15 and 28 and 10, 20 and 43.

Once that you have the most usual numbers that have appeared in the latest Lottery. You have more posibilities to win the big price, called Jackpot or at least a rewarding prize. Don’t waste your time and start now to sign in and play the exciting French lotto game. It’s time to change your life as you desire. Good luck!

French Lotto

French Lotto

$12 m
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