Polish lottery results

Estimated jackpot: PLN2,000,000
Polish Lotto

Polish Lotto

$0.78 m
Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
Winners:  0 Payout per winner:   PLN0.00
Prize #2 II Match
Winners:  40 Payout per winner:   PLN6,472.20
Prize #3 III Match
Winners:  2,401 Payout per winner:   PLN224.80
Prize #4 IV Match
Winners:  42,240 Payout per winner:   PLN24.00
Total Sum: Total Winners:  44,681 Total Prize:   PLN1,812,392.80

Are you interested in Polish lottery results because you want to try to win a jackpot? Therefore it’s time to learn the rules of the game.

Above all if you know what are the Polish lottery results you can win a lot of money.

In other words, if you find out which numbers are repeated you can increase the chances of winning the main prize.

What are Polish lottery results

Do you have time to find out which numbers have been drawn up lately and whether any of them repeated?

Therefore, if you want to increase the chances of winning a jackpot, find out the drawn numbers in the last few draws.

Draw results T

Winning Numbers
4 May 6 7 9 18 27 46
2 May 7 9 11 18 29 46
30 April 18 20 23 38 39 49
27 April 3 5 17 21 30 42
25 April 8 19 25 28 32 39
23 April 3 8 14 18 39 42
20 April 5 26 27 35 42 48
18 April 8 9 11 22 41 47
16 April 1 3 9 28 36 38

In conclusion, numbers like 9 18 27 46 were repeated.

However, if you think that there are not enough numbers for the winning combination, you can always check the official lottery so you can detect more numbers.

Also you may not be the only one who chosen this method, but if you share the prize with others, that doesn’t have to be bad.

In other words, imagine that the prize is several million euros. For instance, if you have to share it with a few others, you will also get a lot of money.

The biggest jackpot recorded so far was EUR 57.8 million.

Polish Lotto tips

Polish lottery exists since 1957 and since then the number of withdrawals increased to 3800. In addition to win the prize playing this lottery game, it is necessary to first review the rules.

First of all, you have to choose six numbers from 1 to 49. To make it all at a time, it’s important that you select the numbers before 21:40 at local time.

The draw is held three times a week, on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. You can buy the tickets at an authorized retailer or online.

For instance, if you decide on online playing you will need devices like a cell phone or PC, but about that later.

Winning Polish Lotto

Have you already wondered how to guess the numbers? In other words, do you know how to increase the chances of winning the main prize?

Surely you are not the only person to think about it. There are several different methods, and it is up to you to choose the one you think is the best.

First of all the numbers are always randomly drawn. However, randomly drawn numbers can form patterns that can be tracked and which players can use to find the winning combination.

Take enough time to analyze your previous results. Also, some players rely on the probability method.

If you decide to play by a pattern that only appears in 5% of the time, you can expect that same form to lose 95% of the time.

In conclusion, it might not be the best to play in that way.

Many players will combine numbers that have already been drawn with the numbers from important date.

For instance, if you have a date that has greatly affected your life, you might be able to turn it on. In other words, there are no rules because everything is possible.

Every player must decide for themselves and explore how to increase the chances of winning money.

How to track Polish lottery results

It’s important to know how to explore polish lottery results history. The best way is to choose online tracking.

This is possible with Lottomania. In other words, with the help of the online lottery website, you can explore everything you are interested in regarding your favorite lotto game.

Thanks to Lottomania, you will always be up to date with the latest lottery news that will help you increase the chances of guessing the numbers.

On this online website, you will get all the important information, but only if you have previously registered.

Finally, to be successful you should be persistent and not give up so easily.

For some of the players, it will be interesting to track the results to see how many times a jackpot was won.

In other words, in addition to already drawn numbers, you can find out how often it happens that someone wins the largest amount.

Polish lotto online

Are you one of those players who doesn’t want to waste time waiting to buy tickets?

Sometimes you can lose too much time waiting in the order and it is, therefore, best to choose a different solution.

For instance, another solution would be to buy tickets online. In other words, the first thing to do is register.

At Lottomania registration is free. You can do everything in a few steps so you will not spend much time.

After that, you can choose your favorite lottery game. Before you choose, it’s important to buy tickets.

Polish lottery online winning tips

Once you have purchased the tickets, select the winning combination. You can choose Lottomania numbers by yourself or with the help of a quick pick.

If you choose a quick pick the system will randomly pick the numbers instead of you.

Players who don’t believe the system will be able to guess the numbers, it’s better to rely on their own instincts.

In other words, they should decide how to arrange the numbers with which they might win the jackpot.

To be able to win a jackpot playing online it is necessary to have a stable internet connection and computer, cell phone or tablet.

Playing at home you will have more peace and you will be able to concentrate.

After selecting the numbers, wait for the results. You can see them by selecting “My Tickets” but after they are released by the official lottery.

If you win up to $ 2,500, your money will be transferred to your account as soon as possible.

However, for each larger amount, you should contact the support team at Lottomania because you will have to fulfill a few more conditions.

How to win with the help of Polish lottery results

No matter how you want to play, online or by going to a shop, it’s important to think of a winning tactic.

Once you check out the Polish lottery latest results you will be closer to your goal, and that’s to win a lot of money.

First of all, after you discovered which numbers were drawn time is to consider whether or not you will also choose one of these numbers.

Before you get started, it would be best if you had an equal number of even and odd numbers.

In other words, it rarely happens that all the odd or even numbers been drawn. This happened in less than 3% of the case.

Therefore the best combination would be 3/3, 4/2 or 2/4. For example three even or three odd, four even and two odd or two odd and four even.

Finally one of these three causes will occur in 80% of cases. If you rely on these numbers, it seems like you are on the right path to fulfill your desires.

Who knows maybe someday you can go on a journey you always dreamed off.

Polish lotto number tips

The winning numbers are spread across the entire field. For instance, if you take a field with numbers and cut it into two, you will get a high and a low half.

In other words, numbers from 1 to 256 would be in the low section and from 26 to 49 in the high half.

All low or high numbers are rarely extracted and appear only in 3% of cases. The best combination would be 3/3, 2/4 or 4/2.

For example three high or three low, four high and two low or two high and four low numbers.

It may seem somewhat complicated at first, but after selecting numbers two or three times based on the proposed pattern, it will be easier for you.

Finally, it is important to be persistent as it takes time for each bigger result.

Lottery numbers strategy

If you look at Polish draw history you will be able to find out which of the most commonly represented counterparts are.

In other words, you will notice that more than one group of numbers is not represented.

Studying the lottery numbers strategy will help you find out which group of numbers you want to add, and which would be best to leave out.

It’s enough to check polish lottery results saturday

How to use Polish lottery results for the best lottery strategy

After you explore the Polish mini lottery results you need to indicate the number of played games. In other words, for each of the drawn numbers during the last five games.

After that check how many times the jump has occurred. For example, if no 0 to 5 jump has occurred, select numbers that are out of many games.

You can also use Latest results if you want to play a balanced game. For example, after you have selected six numbers, make sure that the sum of these six numbers is between 115 and 185.

Therefore, each amount corresponding to that range will account for more than 70% of all jackpots that somebody has so far won.

Top lottery strategy

Each player must choose the strategy by himself, but before that he can check the official statistics.

For example, numbers considered as losers for less than five games account for almost half of the winning numbers.

Lost numbers drawn for seven games or less are part of two-thirds of all winning numbers.

Ten or fewer numbers count as three-quarters of six drawn numbers.

In other words, you will probably guess top numbers, but don’t forget to include a long shot in a group of 6.

You should try to play several times in order to reach the goal.

Lottery winners

If you guessed in Polish lotto game all six numbers from 1 to 49, this means you won a jackpot or in other words, now you have on your account a lot of money.

It may be difficult to imagine to have so much money, but it’s all possible.

In the end if you win the jackpot, it would be good to consider how to spend that money.

First of all, in the beginning, it is most important to keep discretion. It’s important that this news didn’t travel to those who just want to use you.

After that, it’s important to make a financial plan. For instance, the money will surely not spend unplanned and in large quantities.

Maybe it’s best to consult a financial expert. Find the person you trust and make a detailed analysis of your bank account.

For example, if you notice that you have outstanding debts, you will be advised first to resolve it first.

Finally, after you settled all the debts you can start planning what you will do with the rest of the money.

Perhaps it would be best to invest money so you can earn even more. There you can also find the help of a financial expert.

If you decide to invest in a company, you should investigate which company has been growing for a long time.

You can spend part of the money on one of the travels. You must have thought at least once in a lifetime about travel to a distant destination.

It can be an exotic island or maybe some village in the mountains. In fact, it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that it is a place that makes you happy.

In conclusion, consider well what you will do with so much money, protect yourself from selfish people and invest the money as best you can. Finally your time has come.

Polish Lotto

Polish Lotto

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