UK Lottery results (Use for page)

Do you know the latest UK Lottery results? The last drawn numbers are 3 27 35 45 54 55 and the additional number 24. The prize was £ 7,604,094.

Therefore if you have a habit of tracking UK Lottery results, you know how useful it is, since you can find out which are the most common numbers.

In other words, you have a great chance to win a jackpot if you use this method because most of these numbers will be drawn once again.

How to win with the help of UK Lottery results

In order to have the chance to guess the drawn numbers, it is necessary to play as much as you can and choose the most common UK Lotto numbers.

If you have time you can reveal them by tracking the results of the last few draws.



13 18 25 35 39 50 and additional number 21

£ 5,391,107


6 26 30 50 52 59 and additional number 27

£ 4,119,911


2 19 35 53 56 58 and additional number 12

£ 2,000,000


6 26 32 37 42 59 and additional number 38

£ 3,800,000

In the last few draws numbers, 35 and 50 were pulled twice.

However, when looking at the official lottery data you will be able to discover more lottery numbers.

Tips for UK Lottery

UK Lotto started in 1994 and since then gone through many changes. For instance, 2018 introduced a new structure in the game mode.

If you want to play, you have to select six main numbers between 1 and 59 and one additional number.

The chances of winning 3 numbers are 1 to 97 and for six numbers 1 to 45,057,474. In conclusion, there is nothing left to do but to beat those odds and win the money.

The most popular numbers to choose so far were 2,1,3,5,6 and 4.

In order to have more peace and concentrate, it is best to buy tickets and choose numbers via computer, cell phone or tablet.

You can do this either at your home or abroad and the only thing you need is a stable internet connection.

Online playing is possible via Lottomania where you can register for free.

Online playing lets you choose numbers by yourself or with the help of a quick pick.

The quick pick will randomly choose the numbers for you.

How to track the latest UK Lottery results

You can track your results via mobile phones, tablets, or PCs. If you have a stable Internet connection, everything is possible.

In other words, you have the opportunity to increase the chance to win the biggest prize, find out what the previous prizes were, and whether someone before you managed to win a jackpot.

UK lotto numbers

You can help yourself if you discover the most frequently drawn numbers that have appeared more than 300 times.

23 – 313 times 25 – 308 times 27 – 300 times 30 – 310 times 31 – 310 times

33 – 310 time 35 – 306 times 38 – 317 times 39 – 304 times 40 – 321 times 43 – 303 times 44 – 304 times 47 – 300 times 49 – 300 times

The data were published after the official survey by the official lottery. If you have time, do a little research so you can finally win the main prize.