UK Lotto results

UK lotto results lottomania

UK Lotto Results draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday nights and offer generous jackpots.

The results are always published right after the draw. You can verify them here.

If you look at the latest UK Lotto Results from Saturday, 20th April 2019, you will see that drawn numbers were 7, 8, 11, 17, 34, 54 and one bonus number 4.

Above all, nobody won the main prize. However, this means an opportunity for a rollover and motivation for you to prepare your numbers for the next draw. Even if you fail to match all six numbers, the second prize is comforting 1 million pounds.

What are the latest UK Lotto Results

As mentioned, nobody matched all the six numbers but there was one winner who guessed five numbers and one bonus ball.

Sixty-five players had luck matching five numbers. 6,119 players guessed four numbers and 147,981 players got three numbers right.

Also, 1,296,735 players matched two numbers and got Free Play.  So there was a total of 1,450,901 winnings in this Saturday’s draw.

The last Jackpot was won on Saturdays draw 6th April 2019. It means that there were three rollovers and since nobody won the Jackpot this Saturday, there will be the fourth Rollover before the next draw.

Most common UK Lottery numbers

The best way we can help you is to provide you with information about the most frequently drawn numbers.

Number 7 stands between the most popular and frequently used numbers.

Here is a list of numbers that are most commonly drawn;

Numbers Times drawn
40 107
41 106
30 103
49 103
22 103
42 101

Probability of numbers from 1 – 20 to be drawn is 36.9%.  Numbers from 21 – 40 are on 37.8% while ones from 41 – 59 are on 25.3%.

While this data seems to differ from most common numbers, it is accurate due to all numbers from 1 – 20 being just a few steps behind the most common ones.

The most common consecutive pairs are;

Numbers Frequency
9 and 10 15
40 and 41 14
38 and 39 14
19 and 20 13
7 and 8 13

When it comes to unconsecutive pairs this is current data;

Numbers Frequency
15 and 17 21
8 and 10 19
25 and 34 19
8 and 41 17
14 and 19 17

Certainly, you should take some time to study these figures to be sure about your possible winning combination if you find this way of choosing numbers the most foolproof.

UK Lottery Tips

First thing you should do before indulging in any game, you should study the rules to understand how to play and what can you get out of it.

It is important to remember on which days are the draws so you don’t miss the announcement of results or to play your combination of numbers.

Lucky for you, with all the information available online you can also play it online with your computer, tablet or phone.

You also have access to all the latest news about winning and most common numbers right from your phone. 

If you like to do some research about lottery numbers it will definitely come in handy.

How to win with the help of UK Lotto Results

For the reason of giving you advice on winning, we previously went through the most common numbers and some tips.

Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive solution when it comes to games of luck but there is a thing of frequency that can be very useful.

If you have your favourite numbers or you want to use your loved one’s birth dates, the advantage of this game is that you can check the frequency of draws for every number.

Some players decide to use the strategy of buying more tickets for every draw but as it comes with greater expense not many are willing to use that kind of technique.

While number 7 is one of the most popular amongst players and considered a lucky number, latest research did not put him in the top six of most commonly drawn numbers. But again, the number 7 isn’t much left behind them.

Furthermore, the most valuable advice would be to stay persistent with the game.

If you don’t win the Jackpot, there are other prizes for fewer numbers matched so you can get great prizes.

UK Lotto Online

In today’s time with the rise of technology, we aren’t dependent on travelling to various places to obtain the products. We can simply order products or services, just like we can play lottery – online.
First of all, you can do it all over your computer, tablet or even phone.

If you’re looking for the safe and fast way of playing, choose Lottomania. Trough this online platform you can approach many different lottery games with ease. All you have to do is register on Lottomania site for free.

Shortly after, you will receive all the needed information on your email address.

Results are published immediately after the draw.

This way of playing offers one more great feature – quick pick system that will choose random numbers for you.

Lotto winners tips

In case you guess every single of six numbers right, you know what that means.

Big figures on your account and sometimes no idea how to spend them smartly.

Sudden large incomes can result in loss of control for some people, spending huge amounts in short periods of time. As a result, that Jackpot can melt down really fast leaving you bankrupt.

The best approach to this subject would probably be hiring a financial advisor to give you some proposals for possible investments, moderate spending or taking care of debts.

Some winners say that investing the money is a bad decision but when it comes to that it is just a matter of personal opinion.

It is important to point up that often made mistake is telling way too much people about your gain or even worse, publishing your name, picture or both. You should be aware of the danger it puts on you and your closest ones.